D&D 5e death and consequences

If you look at the rules for death and the Resurrection spell in the book all it takes when you die in the game is 1,000 gold pieces to buy the diamond that is consumed by the spell and...

Sun, 7/12/2015 - 1:43am Forum Thread

Barbarian character development

Our local D&D 5e group just leveled up to lvl 5 last night and I play a Human...

Mon, 3/23/2015 - 10:30am Forum Thread

Which do you prefer? Spell slots or spell points?

Now that the DM guide is here for 5e and everyone has had an opportunity to peruse it...

Fri, 3/20/2015 - 11:25am Forum Thread

How many magic items should a character have at lvl 4?

My local campaign is in the Forgotten Realms and we are currently lvl 4, on the cusp of getting lvl 5.  However, the DM wants to be VERY stingy with loot and we have not gotten very many magic...

Tue, 3/17/2015 - 4:13pm Forum Thread

Where are the 5e forums?

Where are the 5e character optimization and general character forums? Everything still says 4e here.

Tue, 3/17/2015 - 4:33am Forum Thread

What does a holy symbol/focus do?

I have read several times in the Player's Handbook about using a holy focus or arcane focus when spellcasting but I cannot seem to find what the mechanical effects of using these are.  Can anyone...

Sat, 12/6/2014 - 11:52am Forum Thread

Seeking cheat sheets for D&D 5e

I am looking for a cheat sheet/crib sheet for D&D 5e. Does anyone know where I can find any please?

Mon, 7/14/2014 - 10:56pm Forum Thread

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