Feature requests for future DOTP games.

Since the core set is going away, I feel that the cards in the DOTP games should fill the void of the core set, but I also feel that there needs to be better interaction between the paper game and...

Tue, 2/3/2015 - 12:44pm Forum Thread

What does WOTC do to compensate you for a defective MTG product?

I heard that they give you a booster pack or a promo card for your trouble.  I am pretty sure shipping costs from anywhere that isn't northwestern US isn't less than $5.  I know international...

Sat, 10/4/2014 - 5:23am Forum Thread

Rules Sheet vs Rules Reference Card

I want your input.


Do you agree with WOTC's decision to change the Rules Sheet into a Rules Reference card with future MTG products?


Are people really...

Fri, 8/8/2014 - 11:34am Forum Thread

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