When Light is Cast on an Enemy

Page 95 of the basic rules on the spell of LIGHT.


The enemy fails a dexterity saving throw and is exposed by light. What are the benefits of this? Is there a bonus to attack?

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A New Campaign: Earth Dungeon!

On Earth, the Mongols are invading China! Chinese alchemists invent gun powder. Alchemists from all over the world are invited to share in this secret for a price. They have a council and perform...

Thu, 6/26/2014 - 6:27pm Forum Thread

Idea:5th Edition Conversion Rules for All Editions

This is how it would work. Wizards issues a conversion rules module.


Each edition is covered by giving step by step instructions for converting old monsters, skill challenges and...

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Would You Choose These Spells?

With so many better spells in the book, the players never choose these spells. I want to make them more attractive. Would you memorize these spells? What would you add or take away?


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A Modular Approach to 5E Spells

Oops. Meant to publish this in the House Rules section.


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The 5E School of Necromancy for Discussion

This has been edited with the suggestions below.


The School of Healing
the school of Clerics(Paladins), Druids, Monks, Warlocks and Witches


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