9th Lvl Spell or ABI/Feat for Warlock|Sorcerer

I'll be taking my Human Warlock to at least 3rd level for Pact of the Tome and Book of Ancient Secrets, and then plan on moving to Wild Magic Sorcerer for the rest of his career. I'm trying...

Wed, 2/4/2015 - 10:37am Forum Thread

Suggestions for Magic Initiate choices on a Warlock|Sorcerer

Howdy folks,
I'm building a Human Warlock (GOO) that will eventually go...
Thu, 10/9/2014 - 2:01pm Forum Thread

PEACH: Warforged Barbarian|Warden, Winter Fury

Howdy folks, I'm trying to put together a decently effective Barbarian|Warden Hybrid for an upcoming game, and I'd appreciate some advice. I took most of the build from Armisael's "...

Fri, 8/22/2014 - 9:41am Forum Thread

Better LFR mods for new players, first-time DM

Hello gamers! I've been asked to DM a couple sessions, with the potential for an ongoing campaign if everyone enjoys themselves. I've played D&D since the original Red Box, 4th Edition being...

Fri, 3/28/2014 - 6:13am Forum Thread

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