Half-Elf Valor Bard (level 1)

Working on a half-elf valor bard, starting at level 1.  Depending on the direction these questions lead, I might end up going in a slightly different direction, which is why there's no build...

Mon, 5/26/2014 - 9:19am Forum Thread

Pixie miniature?

Just starting to play a pixie rogue, and I'm realizing that I don't have any miniatures that could do a decent job of representing him.  Of course, Wizards also never made a pixie miniature (at...

Mon, 1/6/2014 - 7:24pm Forum Thread

Thoughts/suggestions on rogue?

Here's a rogue I've been toying with recently.  Comments/questions are below:


Wed, 12/4/2013 - 5:31am Forum Thread

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