Silt Schooner Crew

Write now I'm in the works of writing an adventure arc for my Dark Sun campaign where the PC's have to get together a crew and then steal a Silt Schooner from the navy of Balic to go on an...

Wed, 5/14/2014 - 11:46am Forum Thread

PHB 3 class NPC templates?

So in the Dungeon Master's Guide 1, in the area about creating NPC's it provides templates for creating NPC's of any of the classes from the PHB1. For the DMG 2, it has the NPC templates for the...

Mon, 2/24/2014 - 4:23pm Forum Thread

[4e] Need help designing an epic bossfight- evil mastermind action archaeologist- Enoch Rookwood!

I'm running a 4e Dark Sun game, and in the next session I'm planning to have the party go up against one of the villains that they've been chasing since session 1, Enoch Rookwood, an action-...

Fri, 1/10/2014 - 12:52pm Forum Thread

The party must uncover the source of a sickness that has infected a tribe of half-giants and their giant protector

I'm running a Dark Sun 4e game, and in the campaign right now, we're working on reaching a...

Wed, 1/8/2014 - 7:38am Forum Thread

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