Betrayal Haunted House: Amok Flesh questions

Hey folks!


Just tried this game tonight, and it was a lot of fun until the atrocious language of the rules made it impossible to play. For the Amok Flesh mission we had a few...

Tue, 8/19/2014 - 8:17pm Forum Thread
Sun, 8/3/2014 - 5:12am Forum Thread

NGA Rules Quiz; Magic 2015

It's that time once again! The No Goblins Allowed Rules Quiz has been posted with each set released since our forum took shape ( Okay, so that's just Theros, but it means...

Fri, 7/11/2014 - 12:05pm Forum Thread

V4 (not V3) Chosen Cards not displaying

I've been noticing a minor issue in V4 of Magic Online that is not shared by those in V3. When a player chooses a card, like when...

Mon, 6/2/2014 - 8:33am Forum Thread

V4 Lag in Commander

Good afternoon,


Since the newest update I've noticed that the lag during Commander Matches has started to get really bad. The more game actions occur, the worse the lag. I'm...

Wed, 5/21/2014 - 2:32pm Forum Thread

48-Hour Contest: Imagine If...

Sometimes being a Designer means more than just working within the existing confines of the rules, and now and then a set needs the rules to be changed in order for the mechanics to work. What if...

Mon, 3/24/2014 - 1:47pm Forum Thread

Orgg - Rules Templating, Or Already Covered?

There was a thread sometime back that asked some information about exactly why the game could see information the way it did. It was something along the lines of, "If a card says Instants you cast...

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 8:36am Forum Thread

Scry and Player Knowledge



Say I do something that lets me scry 2 (...

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 11:12am Forum Thread

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