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Equipment Categories

Hey all,


In messing with the app, I noticed that equipment can be a little bit of a bear. It would be nifty if equipment was tagged into a few categories:


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Thu, 4/17/2014 - 7:06am Group Forum Thread

Bug: Warlock Spells Prepared

The warlock has the option to prepare spells and a limit that matches the wizard, but the warlock always has all spells known from that class prepared.

Mon, 4/7/2014 - 9:57am Group Forum Thread

Bug: Unarmored Defense

It looks like the monk's unarmed defense is not applied to the character's AC.

Mon, 4/7/2014 - 9:55am Group Forum Thread

Unarmed Attacks

Building a monk for our playtest game - I don't see a way to add an unarmed attack to my character's attack box. There's no current way to "equip" an unarmed attack.

Thu, 4/3/2014 - 9:16am Group Forum Thread

Character Creation Suggestion

Having created a number of characters, I've been thinking about how we can present information.


Right now, the app takes the fairly traditional approach of having you select each...

Thu, 4/3/2014 - 9:05am Group Forum Thread

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