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Been playing D&D off and on for almost 30 years, since the good old red basic box, 1st Edition and 2nd Edition. Got back into the hobby with 4e, played a little 3.5, but currently enjoying the playtest of Next.

Organising and running Encounters for our local FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants in Leicester).

session 10 report

Not a massive write up for this session, despite being low on numbers I...

Fri, 7/18/2014 - 9:43am Group Forum Thread

session 8 field report

Due to various reasons we were down to a single table this week so I got to...

Thu, 7/3/2014 - 1:32pm Group Forum Thread

Week 4 field report

Here is our week 4 session write up (our week 4 but session 5 including the...

Fri, 6/6/2014 - 1:17am Group Forum Thread

Week 11 field reports

An even longer session and the heroes are deep in the bowels of the Floshin Estate - and deep in trouble!



Fri, 5/2/2014 - 8:46pm Group Forum Thread

Week 10 field reports

So we finally finished with Harpshield Castle, at the cost of three pc's lives.



Tue, 4/29/2014 - 10:05pm Group Forum Thread

Week 8 Field Reports

A great session this week, eventhough we still havent completed Harpshield Castle this was immense fun to run. I kept switching from the main group to the ranger during the early part so no-one...

Wed, 4/16/2014 - 4:36am Group Forum Thread

Week 7 Field Report

Sorry I'm late posting this, actually surprised no-one else had started a thread yet, but here is this weeks session write up.



Tue, 4/8/2014 - 11:32am Group Forum Thread

Week 6 Field Report

Great session down at our FLGS this week (the write up is here...

Mon, 3/31/2014 - 5:08pm Group Forum Thread

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