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D&D player for about 15 years now. Started with 2nd edition AD&D and played mostly 3.x edition. Really enjoying 4e now, but I was on the fence early in.

Spying on Characters in D&D

This also works the other way, for players spying on the bad guys.


I'm not too familiar with the spell options in this new edition just yet.  What are some of the best ways of...

Thu, 4/2/2015 - 12:03pm Forum Thread

Unclear and Questionable Rules

I am trying to compile a list of rules that seem to be questionable in 5e… such as the Hidden condition, the Polearm Master feat, wizard’s overchannel, potion creation, and Perception vs...

Tue, 9/9/2014 - 7:18pm Forum Thread

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