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Maximum HP reduction and normal damage

In my reading of the rules for hit points, it seems like the intent is for players to track current HP, rather than tracking damage taken. My question, then, is how that is meant to interact with...

Thu, 9/25/2014 - 3:14am Forum Thread

Is it just me? (Hermit)

Am I the only one who saw the Hermit feature, Discovery, and immediately thought of a character who discovered the "fourth wall?"


Yes, you can play Red Mage in 5E.

Mon, 9/22/2014 - 11:12pm Forum Thread

1001 *Quick* Character Ideas

In this thread, post two or three scentences (a small paragraph at most) about a character concept you think might be interesting or unique. The goal of this thread is to provide players with some...

Mon, 9/8/2014 - 1:30am Forum Thread

Feat: Spirit Companion

Spirit Companion

Requires: Druid's Circle of the Land feature


• You gain a Spirit Companion, which you can summon...

Wed, 9/3/2014 - 9:12pm Forum Thread

Why no love for the spear?

I was fiddling around with building a fighter today, and what I thought would be really cool is a Spartan-style phalanx fighter: spear, shield, and Protection fighting style. Then I saw the spear...

Tue, 7/29/2014 - 8:29pm Forum Thread

Need help identifying something

OK, so I'm working on a new character, and I have an idea for some really thematic elements, but I don't know what to call this item, or if there's a name for it at all.


It's a...

Tue, 7/29/2014 - 9:18am Forum Thread

Light Crossbow... Doesn't exist

So the Fighter's starting equipment includes a "Light Crossbow and 20 bolts". But we don't have rules for a light crossbow; only heavy crossbow and hand crossbow.


Has WotC...

Fri, 7/25/2014 - 4:47am Forum Thread

Custom Warlord class

Hello, D&D forum community. I'm back after a long absence.


So I'm running a 4E game on Mondays, and I've been getting the itch to try out the latest playtest packet for Next...

Sun, 11/10/2013 - 8:47pm Forum Thread

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