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私 は 日本語 を 勉強している。

Slimes, a Monstrous PC Race

Although it's currently unfinished, I have been working on this whenever I have a moment of spare time.  I would appreciate any thoughts, concerns, or constructive criticisms.


Thu, 4/30/2015 - 5:25am Forum Thread

What animal are you?

I'm working on developing a new homebrew setting where the traditional races will be replaced with bipedal anthropomorphic animal races (a.k.a. "anthros").  I have a few ideas, but I was wondering...

Mon, 4/27/2015 - 2:21pm Forum Thread

You want to play a magic ring?! Ummm, sure.

Of course, the real trick is how do you do it.  How do you let a player make a magic item as a character?


The complications.

Items aren't perople.  This is simple to say...

Tue, 3/31/2015 - 3:38pm Forum Thread

5e Merfolk, a work in progress

I've been working on a merfolk race for 5e, though I call them Sirens instead of merfolk, and I was wondering what others thought of it.



The siren has the body...

Sat, 3/28/2015 - 8:05pm Forum Thread

Spicing Up Potions

I just finished updating an old set of random potion tables, and I thought I might share them with you.


Color (1d12)

1   Red
2   Yellow
3  ...

Mon, 3/9/2015 - 3:05pm Forum Thread

Racial Cantrip, What's It Really Worth?

I do a lot of homebrewing, and over the course of building my last two 5e races I've come to a conclusion about racial features that grant cantrips:


They're smoke and mirrors....

Thu, 2/26/2015 - 5:28pm Forum Thread

Divine Flavor

I like the customization that domains offer to clerics. I think they are flavorful, interesting, and provide greater variety to the cleric class. However, I was designing a cleric character the...

Thu, 1/1/2015 - 4:36pm Forum Thread

Ritual Magic module

Since this area seems to be where most of the homebrew stuff is being posted, I'm reposting this from the general discussion section.


I'm glad that 5e includes ritual magic, but...

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 10:14pm Forum Thread

Shoes, A Partial Victory

Over the past few weeks I've been noticing that I need a new pair of shoes for work; I work in fast-food, so I need non-slip shoes for work.  I usually go to Payless for shoes, and my father...

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 9:48pm Group Forum Thread

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