Little Red Raiding Hood: A Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon

For those who prefer a prettier format but an older version,...

Sun, 8/2/2015 - 2:52pm Forum Thread

CA - Anaheim/Fullerton/Yorba Linda: [3.5] World of Xeen Seeks Players!

Greetings! I'm DMing a D&D 3.5 campaign set in the world of Xeen, loosely based on Might and Magic IV & V. Assuming all goes well, I expect this campaign...
Tue, 5/5/2015 - 7:59pm Forum Thread

I'd like an official 5E Roguelike computer RPG. Who's with me?

Greetings, all!

I'd like a Rogulike game using official D&D 5E rules where...

Sat, 4/18/2015 - 5:43am Forum Thread

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