Clerics and Alignment

How close should a cleric's alignment be to the deity he/she worships?


In other words, is it possible to have a human Tempest cleric who isn't evil?

Fri, 1/9/2015 - 9:28pm Forum Thread

Kind of disappointed in magic items

So now that I've read through the magic items in the DMG, which is really an important part of the book both in terms of impact and what a lot of us get the biggest thrill from, and I feel...let...

Wed, 12/31/2014 - 2:31am Forum Thread

Oathbreaker "Aura of Hate"

Am I reading this ability wrong, or does it apply to both friendly and un-friendly undead/fiends, and is the Paladin unable to turn it off?



Tue, 12/30/2014 - 1:55pm Forum Thread

Paladin/Warlock builds

So thanks to the thread about spell slots and Divine Smite I've become enamoured of the Paladin/Warlock concept.  I'm envisioning a two-handed build, with Pact of the Chain for a cool sidekick....

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 11:57am Forum Thread

Shield Master: Before or After the Attack?

Was there ever an official ruling on the shield master feat?  In the absence of one, my interpretation (and the one I'm trying to sell to my DM) is:


1) The definition of bonus...

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 6:50am Forum Thread

Compendium of Homebrew Magic Items

Don't we need a thread like this?  I think so.



1) One magic item per post

2) You must let somebody else post before adding your next item (comments welcome...

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 9:13pm Forum Thread

[Homebrew] Stats/Feats Replacement


1) Create more variety in stats than the cookie-cutters that come out of point-buy or stat array, but without the variance in pure dice rolling. And eliminate "dump stats"....

Wed, 12/3/2014 - 9:40am Forum Thread
Sat, 11/8/2014 - 8:55pm Forum Thread

Shadow Monk / Assassin

What's the best level split for this multiclass?


Monk 6 seems to be the minimum, 'cause without the Nightcrawler Bampf! what's the point? And Rogue 14 gets Blindsense....which...

Sat, 11/8/2014 - 6:17am Forum Thread

What I Want Digitally

WIth the demise of Dungeonscape, maybe now is a good time to tell WotC what we really want.


All I want is a tablet/phone based character sheet, designed to be used at the table...

Sat, 11/8/2014 - 4:35am Forum Thread

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