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Gamer mom, started DM'ing in H.S. with AD&D. Gave it up when I got married. Encouraged my oldest to try it when she got invited to a gaming group in H.S. and she fell in love with the game. Her sisters and one of their friends decided they wanted to try it a few years later but couldn't find a DM. (Believe me my oldest had been trying for...

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Failing, with STYLE!

I love designing and running games. DM'ing is imo the best role in the game. And since I run 3-4 games a week I've learned a lot. I've learned how to run for highly optimsed combat monkeys, (that's not an insult, I honestly love those guys and will run for them anytime). I've learned how to run for heavy RP. I've learned how to have fun with both groups and to merge the styles a bit so that everyone at the table gets a bit of what they want.

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But I wasn't Built for THAT!

When players create characters they make a lot of choices. Some players build for damage, some for control, some for defense, some for healing. Others, the best ones imo, build a character around a specific idea, a character concept that defines their character for them. They don't make choices based on how to best optimize their character, but on how best to make that concept really come to life. Their choices are made extremely carefully, because they know they still need to be effective in combat, but, without sacrificing their character concept.

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6 games a week

Six games a week is kind of a lot. Especially when you consider that I work for a living. But, each game is unique, and each teaches me something. The three I run teach me that I only have material in me for 2 games/week. (The third game is a mod or I wouldn't be able to run it.) Of the 2 I homebrew the first is the original game I started with my girls several years ago. I've learned so much about my girls by DM'ing them that I really treasure being there DM. I would strongly recommend gaming with their children for all parents.

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A junky always needs a fix.

I've been playing in the VTT Beta since the first week of April when I got my invite. Honestly, I'd given up being invited and resigned myself to fighting with the two other online tabletops I was in to make them work for me. When I got that invite I did the happy dance and sang, "I'm in the beta!" everytime I remembered for the next few days. (I'd seen a demo at DDXP and knew this was what I wanted.) I ran my first game less than a week later.

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Epic Monsters and the Pied Piper

I have spent the last 2 days crunching monsters. While I've always disliked stopping story to crunch I've never needed to spend more than a few hours to research, reskin, and reflavor a couple of monsters to suit my needs. I accept  the necessity of crunching as the price I pay for wanting the monster to fit into the story instead of creating the story that can take whatever monster of the approp. level, background, terrain, type, and powers that will suit the story. I'm sure I could create that type of story if I tried.

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Howl of the Yeti

I was shoveling snow the other day and just thinking about gaming in general and the work Lord Archaon has been doing on transforming Zendikar into a D&D setting in particular. I've been following that work with interest and been delighted by the flavors, options and spins he's given the char's & monsters to transform a fantastic setting into D&D mechanics. I love the tremendous amount of creativity so many of my fellow geeks have and the ways that has expanded the game over the years.

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Finally normal.

I never imagined I would do anything on this site other than use the VTT to play with my girls. But, I've found a community of my own kind, and been friended by some wonderful people, my world has become much richer for this site. The other day I was busy doing paperwork and one of the nurses aides was doing a crossword puzzle and she said, "A form of government characterized by no government." Unbidden from my mouth came the word.

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Still the same game.

When I came back to the game 4e was the new edition. I started with it because I wanted access to material that was supported and which I could be sure was coming up with new material. Now that I've been back a while I've found that there is a rich network of source material for all the editions and this site has members that have links to a huge amount of material. At GenCon this past Aug. and at the upcoming D&D Experience every version of D&D was played or will be played.

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Roll Play

There have been a huge number of comments, flames and blogs about rollplay vs roleplay on this forum. A huge number of people have weighed in on the subject with many blaming the design of 4e for the new dearth of it. I've never been of the opinion that any system design can stop roleplayers from roleplaying or hack-n-slashers from killing the gazebo. I'm still of that opinion, mostly. I think perhaps the fault lies with the attitude toward skill mechanics. DM's add skill challenges to round out the encounter without rounding out the skill challenge.

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