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Why Vancian magic isn't magic

I'm going to start off by defining what I consider to be a Vancian-style magic system. Vancian-style magic is more than simply having daily resources - it's how those resources are replenished. In 3.Xe, Bards had a limited number of uses of bard song per day, Barbarians had a limited number of times they could rage per day. For both of those, they are renewed after a rest, on a daily basis. One can even think of them as spell slots, where the only spell a Barbarian could "prepare" is rage.

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Questions from the PAX East Panel

Not attending PAX East, but having watched the video seminar, here are the questions I would have liked to have seen asked:

  • Roles - In 4e, Class Features and Attack Powers were designed around fulfilling a primary role in combat, which emphasizes working together as an adventuring party (rather than it devolving into simply "casters with sidekicks"). Will Class Features & Powers continue to be designed with specific Roles in mind?

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