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Action Has Been Initiated

(Spoiler warning: children who love Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny should not read this post.  Also those who wish to know absolutely nothing about Action should turn away, as I will be saying the small amount that I am legally able to say on that subject - but you probably know that from the title of this blog post.  So mostly I'm just telling the wee ones to go away before I crush their innocence between the rocks of reason and disillusionment.)

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The Willpell Design Ethos

Magic's infinite combos are fun to dream up and often even more fun to pull off in a game, but building a combo deck is sort of like writing a program that makes your computer crash; the fact that you can do it proves that you have a certain degree of skill, but it isn't really the most constructive way to use that skill.  Combo decks ruin the fantasy of Magic, and there only way to keep them from doing so is to arbitrarily introduce a rule preventing them from going off, such as a prohibition against repeating a game state.

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New Format - Chess Magic

Chess Magic (2 players, lots of time)

Make six decks.  The "pawn" deck is Block Constructed Peasant.  The "rook" deck uses the new Extended format.  The "knight" deck is Standard legal."  The "bishop"
deck uses the *old* Extended format, but must be Singleton.  The "queen" is a Vintage deck, and the "king" is an Elder Dragon Highlander deck.

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