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2nd Playtest (DM)

May 27th (I copied what I had posted on the forums to here, so I can have all my playtest reviews together)

This was actually my second playtest, but first as DM. There were only 2 players, but each ran 2 characters. So the only character left out was the wizard. After the looked briefly over the character sheets we were ready to begin.

[sblock: Session Summary]

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Closing a Campaign: Not a Fight

Continuing on from last time (actually I'd written this all in one post, but it failed to save all of it).


So the party descends the spiral staircase, leading deeper into the earth.  After a while it straightens out into a long corridor.  The group travels in darkness down this carved tunnel covered in frescoes from long ago.  They are unable to identify who actually carved this, but since many of the scenes depict dragonborn (but with wings) they can only assume.

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Closing a Campaign: Prelude

So my campaign is wrapped up, much sooner than I was planning.  The group has decided to goto a shared campaign world, so that each DM doesn't have us recreating characters and starting over.  So my campaign ended, with the beginning of the end (was supposed to be the end of the chapter anyways).

I wanted to post about this encounter though, because I thought it really got to the players, and I mean that in a good way.

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Skill Challenge: Defend the Keep

I'd started this blog at blogger.com, but decided it be best to use this here since it's already set up.  So I moved my previous entries into here, and this is now my first entry on this site...  I plan on trying to post something weekly, but we'll see...

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Skill Challenge: Outrunning an Army

I recently ran a skill challenge that involved the group, catching up to an army, then trying to pass it to get word ahead of the force. This was a group that I was just filling in for a DM that was on vacation, so I created the party (entirely primal group), and gave them to the players. This skill challenge was run over the course of 2 sessions of about 6 hours each, where my entire goal of the sessions was to test out more ideas for skill challenges, and to entertain the group with them.

The Setup

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Skill Challenges Theory

(I'd started a blog at blogger.com, but decided to move things to here instead)

This will probably be one of the things I will post about the most. I love skill challenges, and I'm constantly working to improve the ways I handle them as a DM. I actually posted this first on my gaming groups web page, and it led me to realize I was long winded and needed my own blog.

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