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Mid-30s government patent examiner drone up in Canada.

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Remembrance Day

So in a little over a week, it is November 11th. A day that all people should take a moment to think back to the soldiers who have given their lilves so that we may do with ours as we please.

In the spring of 1915, a Canadian Doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McRea, after a long stretch in the operating working on soldiers, stepped out and penned the following poem:


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For Rob on the birth of your daughter

Rob, you and Shannon are about to exit one stage of your life and enter another. Your daughter is due this december. In a surprising burst of long-range planning, I have decided to put together some tips and tricks for you as you enter fatherhood.

Advice on Advice
The following people will, now that you are going to/have had a child, will attempt to give you advice:

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Undraeago 4

So, based on some discussions offline, as well as a great comment (Hi Dieffenbachj!!) on my previous blog post, I have decided that it will be infinitely simpler for me to start with a pre-existing campaign world. So, seeing as how today is payday, I am going to drop by my FLGS to see if they have the Eberron 4E books in stock.

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Undraeago - 3

So now I have a question that I am asking myself:

Do I use an official Campaign setting (like Eberron), or do I make one myself?

Right now, I am leaning towards using an official campaign setting, if only for the maps and information that is available. I will probably use Eberron, if only because the theme of dragons and draconic prophecy runs rampant through the setting.

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Undraeago - 2

So after chatting with someone (Hi seTiny!!), I have some more info on what I should be looking to pull from Eberron for the fluff behind my overall campaign setting.


Emerald Claw

Blood of Vol


And it was also recommended that I pick up Dragons of Eberron, Faiths of Eberron, and the 4E Eberron Campaign Guide. I don't have any of them, so anybody wanting to send them to me, feel free.

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So for a while now, I have been thinking of writing up and plotting out a campaign. Full length, from 1-30, but for the life of me, I just couldn't figure out the overall plot.

One of the things that I knew I wanted was dragons. Dragons are cool, and the draconic template is something that I can see myself applying to lots and lots of monsters. But while dragons were cool, it seemed a little bland. Dragons are a dime a dozen, to be honest, and I wanted it to be more than that.

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Wow. I have to say, that the new site looks really, really nice from what I have seen so far.


I really like that the chat has come back, that there are blogs set up automagically on our profiles, and the wiki looks really, really interesting to play with.


The users will be pleasantly surprised from what I have seen so far.

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