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Oaths and Blood Rites

Bloodline Rites and Practices

These are much like other martial practices but they more completely run the edge in terms of being magical most all have a price in terms of healing surges or are triggered by spending a second wind (sometimes referred to as the Blood Price), many with long term effects have a price called their Debt of Charity.

Status: This document is a work in progress but moreso its an idea surge

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How much does it take to really fly.

 There is a tendency for people to under-estimate the potency of spellls, a classic case is that of the fly spell. The amount of tactical mobility it provides can overshadow anything but an extremely mobile fighting type the following list of capabilities allow one to have have analogous competance even if your fighter can't fly.


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Encounter Powers, Tricks and beyond the narrative device.

4e doesnt give a "why" you can only use power X once per encounter or once per day. You can envision it how you want. But there isnt really even much of a suggestion... other than perhaps the narrative reason that its not cool if you do the same things all the time or may that some powers are subject to enemy actions and the player is given control over that... well Encounter powers can readily be presented without that vague narrative hand.

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Warlock Channeling Flavor

Warlocks have awesome flavor I mean "Channelling arcane might wrested from primeval entities" that just rocks and inspires even more.

Even the methods they exploit Constitution or Charisma for their power can be melded into very interesting flavor.

Constitution can be percieved as
  • Using there own life force the stronger that life force the mightier there power

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Entitled to the Items which define you

It occured to me that in previous editions of the game, some DMs tried to do some balancing of well the non-spell caster with the caster by giving the unempowered ones items that were both powerful and highly flavor defining for the character...King Arthur isnt himself without Excaliber. The problem was they were a bit overwhelmingly so the character didnt feel special except with this item and the acquisition of which was completely under the DMs jurisdiction. 

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Vampire, Bloodwright

I am writing this one both to Flesh out and Explore an Idea I have for a new character and as a response to a poster who was very adamant about saying no divine classes - belong in Dark Sun no matter how you flavor them... this is a hybrid between two divine classes who might fit well in Darksun as I understand it. (Mechanically it is a shifter/cleric-invoker ) But really this is Vampyre, Bloodwright.

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Flashing Blade Ranger (Versatile Weapon)

One thing that annoyed me about the ranger class and still does is... well at some level when you are making one I feel stuck with Dritz (sp) the two weapon ranger... Now Strider wasnt a two weapon fighter - note carefully he pretty much used one healthy melee weapon.

I am not stuck on Arragorn son of Arrathorn the King to Be - being a ranger heck no he builds way too awesome and interestingly as a Warlord with a dabble of nature skills  for that to be an actual issue (and Tolkeins rangers were actually considered a race akin to half-elves)

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The Party Death Spirol

D&D has always been anti-deathspirol at its core - you didnt get gradually worse with innevitable death as an individual hit points acted as a buffer preventing it ...

However death spirols still exist in D&D how is that possible? Easy its the party Death spirol where a character death weakens the over all party and generates a cascade failure.

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