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Solution for Cooperative Epic Campaign Creation: The Problem Anchor

I'd like to share a brilliant idea I had that is a solution for a complex problem.  Like many brilliant ideas, this won't seem completely revolutionary and has components of obvious thought.  Its brilliance is in elegantly stating a goal to help us focus on solving the problem.

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What makes us excited about role playing?  At some level, we are swept up in the story.  If not, we'd be happy playing chess.  No, we love to get excited about all the cool stuff that our characters can do, and the stuff they can get.  We love the places we can go and the feats we can accomplish.  Why does all of that stuff seem so cool?  Because of the stories!  

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D&D - Ur Doin It Wrong (And So Am I)

Before anyone gets mad, let me also add that you're doing it right as well.  I've often heard something along the lines of, "as long as you're having fun there's nothing wrong with the way you play your RPG."  Nonsense, I say.  If you're having fun, that just means you're doing SOMETHING right.  There is always room for improvement... or in other words, you're doing it wrong.

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