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Edition Evolution

Wizards just announced that they're going to start playtesting and developing 5th edition D&D. And the interwebs are naturally on fire.

I was a playtester for 4e, and have loved it ever since it first arrived. Before that, I had enjoyed 3.5, a welcome refinement of 3.0, etc.

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Glad I went, Glad to be home


bde6dc9f867bc9f1094d98399d039c00.jpg?v=83250 Well, we just got back from GenCon 2010 last night.  I didn't post at all on the trip -- I'm apparently a real dope -- but I had a great time -- we played a lot of D&D, spent a lot of time cruising the dealer hall, and saw a lot of great stuff.  

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Moving in, Claiming my Bunk, Unpacking My gear

I'm just moving in to the community, like everyone else right now, and thinking about how best to use it and what I want to post here.

Over on EN world I was keeping a blog for a while where I chewed on ideas like skill challenges and monster design.  It was a good place to keep a blog like that, but I thought I would move that sort of chewing and spitting here -- and maybe revive the practice at the same time.

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