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Character Building 1-30: Revenant Assassin(Heroic Tier)

Part II of the Revenant Assassin: Heroic Tier

Level 2(Utility+Feat)--Cloak of Shades is a nice little Encounter buff to defense and evasion, though not earth shattering, and is what we take. If you are playing in a game that focuses a lot on non-combat adventuring, I would take Shadowed Legion instead, as it makes the entire party sneaky once per day. Our feat for this level is Melee Training(Dexterity). We're a melee character, and this feats gives us the ability to charge and make opportunity attacks with our full attack bonus.

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Character Building 1-30: Revenant Assassin(Level 1)

Its been a while. These, believe it or not are quite a bit of work. I've decided to keep up with what Wizards has been releasing for 4E, and there are piles of new things to play with. We have two fairly new classes in Assassin and Seeker, and I just picked up my copy of Primal Power today. I'm tentatively planning to do Assassin and Seeker, and follow these with the four classes from Primal Power using the new book. I'm going to start off with the first of these, the Assassin class, one of the most complicated and challenging classes 4E has released.

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Character Building 1-30: Eladrin Warlord(Epic Tier)

After posting this, I'm going to add a new feature of this blog, which I'll call updates. Basically it will introduce alternate build options and issues people have brought up, both in comments and in the threads I create to go along with these blog posts in the Character Optimization forums. Things like using a Heavy Shield or Greatspear with this character, for example. Its easier to deal with these issues in their own post than to go back and edit the four previous posts. I'm also going to try to start including alternative options in the blogs themselves when they occur to me.

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Character Building 1-30: Eladrin Warlord(Level 1)

Been a bit of a wait for this one. Been busy.

Simple plan: I take a character concept, build it from level 1-30, explaining my choices each step of the way. I have a few basic rules for this.

1. This isn't an optimization excercise. I want a playable character that is enjoyable at all levels.

2. I'm not going to be gearing these beyond generic enhancement items. Access to gear varies from game to game, so for this blog's purposes gear will remain generic, and I won't be building characters that depend on specific gear.

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