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Hi! Leonine Roar is a D&D blog with a passionate focus: ideas and solutions for both the storytelling and mechanical aspects of D&D. And at Faster Combat, Johnn and I teach and help GMs run lightning quick combat! Please visit me @ www.leonineroar.com or @ www.fastercombat.com
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Kilsek (Tony)

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Please Visit my NEW D&D Blog: Leonine Roar!

Hi!  Leonine Roar is a D&D blog with a passionate focus: ideas and solutions for both the storytelling and mechanical aspects of D&D. 

Please visit me at www.leonineroar.com/

Thank you and see you there!

Kilsek (Tony)

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Execute Minions!

Since D&D 4e's release, I've had a hard time understanding the purpose, benefits, and execution of minions as well, especially across tiers of play, where I think their execution fundamentally changes.  Surprisingly complex in some ways, but a fresh, great new monster mechanic in the game.

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