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Warpriest of Corellon & Care Bears

I was playing around with creating a warpriest of Corellon. It seems kinda cool that they can use their powers with ranged weapons so I made an elf and sacrificed a higher AC for more range and a higher damage die by switching shield for bow. Now that its done however I can't help but wish I could swap smite undead for turn undead so I could add more ranged goodness to my repertoire. Why is it that I can't, I wondered. Templar clerics have a choice between a melee or ranged turn undead why don't warpriests have that option? Am I missing something from a recent class compendium article?

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My LFR dilema

Tomorow will be this month's second LFR night. Last time my Shadar-kai chain fighter scout went up to level 3 and over the course of those three levels I have become completely bored with the scout. My scout does one thing and he does it very well. He makes basic attacks. Beyond that however I am craving more variety. Other LFR players I know are saying I can't stick with a single character for too long. I must agree, I'll never reach paragon tier if I keep switching characters. So do I stick with a very effective but boring character or do I try something new.

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Upon a star

Blog posts with the tag wish will be used for my D&D wishlist. In other words each wish post is a compilation of new desired features, classes, races, etc. Regardless of whether they are likely to happen or not my wishes are just that. No expectations. Just wishing.

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A dork can dream

I've realized a blog is a better place to compile my thoughts and wishes for the future of dungeons and dragons than the forums. Here I'm not looking for responses but comments are welcome. I can work on converting my ideas into homebrews and if anybody has advice they are welcome to help me in another direction. So now begins my work on this endevor.

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