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I'm Dale McCoy, President of Jon Brazer Enterprises. I have been gaming since I was in 5th grade, but only began seriously gaming when I was in college. I have written for many game systems including: D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Traveller, and several minor systems. I am really looking forward to working in D&D 5e. Please let me know what you think of...

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Monsters as PCs

I only played a few games of 2e D&D but my favorite thing I did was play a minotaur. My GM wasn't thrilled about it since according to the rules, minotaurs were always evil. I promised I wouldn't be a dick and he was cool with that. Mind you, the character didn't last long, but I still had fun with him nonetheless. My girlfriend has a particular fetish for lizardfolk characters. She frequently talks about her blind lizardfolk monk that, according to her tales, rocked the house. 


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Reflections on the D&DNext Playtest

Now that the final playtest packet is out, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the playtest as a whole. It started over 20 months ago with a couple pre-generated characters using a handful of classes with one of the most well known adventures in all of role playing. Now it consists of full rules for character generation and includes a number of new adventures as well as several classic adventures with modified stats. What the people at Wizards created is definitely something to be proud of.

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Licensing, OGL and Getting D&D Compatible Publishers Involved

While everyone is focused on the last D&D Playtest Packet, I would like to talk to offer Wizards some unsolicited advice on the D&D 5e Compatible License, because someone there has to be thinking about how to get other companies involved. As a publisher that puts out products compatible with other systems, I would like to share all my thoughts and the reasons behind them and why they are good for Wizards of the Coast and D&D in the long run. 

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Combating Spiders

Yesterday, I threw away an old swiffer. It was so old the rubber pad on the bottom fell off so it was totally useless. Well not totally useless. I used it for one last job, cleaning the spiders off the front porch.

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So How Many Different Kinds of Elves Can There Be?

One of the new mechanics that I do like in D&D 5e is subraces. With the exception of humans and half human races (although, I am hoping that the half humans get subraces as well later), all races have a base set of abilities and then a few others abilities that change depending on your subrace. So a high elf is good at magic while wood elves are good at sniping their target when in the woods. This means you can have your Dragonlance tinker gnomes as well as your Pathfinder-esque insanity gnomes with little trouble swapping out abilities.

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I Challenge You to a Battle of Skills

One of the things I have really liked about D&D 4e was skills challenges. It was nice to not have everything be a combat encounter or simply have a one and done skills roll. I am really hoping they make a return in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, with a few rules cleanups. IMO, they may even work much better in 5e then they did in 4e because of the flatter math of the whole system.

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"Can I Do That With a Turtle on My Head?"

So I'm playing a gnome wizard in D&D Next Encounters. Excuse me, mage, not wizard. Last night I asked if I can perform my duties with a turtle on my head. I argued that among gnomes it showed a position of importance for one to wear a turtle on his head. I merely meant it as a joke but I find I am actually thinking about it. I mean as racial equipment goes, its not hard to make and it doesn't have to offer any kind of armor bonus, but it would offer some other kind of in game bonus. I imagine it would be something like a +2 bonus to all Charisma checks when talking to other gnomes. 

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All About Backgrounds

I'm really liking backgrounds. I like the idea of making a mage that use to work as a bounty hunter or a priestly monk. But the current list of backgrounds is far too limited. There are alot I would like to see made someday. Here are a few:

Escaped slave - You ran away from your former masters and are always looking over your shoulder for bounty hunters. 

Merchant - You travel around alot, know the lay of the land and the value of just about everything.

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Adventures in the New Edition

I have a confession to make, it was not until a few years ago that I even read an adventure, let alone used one to run a game. Oh sure, I played in a campaign that was a series of Goodman Games adventures strung together. And I am quite certain that I played in one of the classic adventures back in the day, but the DM did not tell us (well, atleast he did not tell me, I don't know about anyone else). But now I really am use to adventures since I lead a busy life and don't have the time I need to write my own adventures. 

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