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A Colombian-American in my 30's, I began gaming in the early '80s. I am both open-minded and a harsh critic, continually trying to improve my game and help others improve theirs. Luckily, my life away from gaming is filled by my fantastic wife, with whom I help our two kids enjoy and navigate life. I work as an environmental consultant, slowly...

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Journey to Candlekeep

Journey to Candlekeep

Gen Con 2013 is nearly here! There are a ton of great events, one of which I was fortunate enough to help create! You can learn about all of the Wizards of the Coast events here. You should also check out the Sundering web site, a major change to the Realms kicked off by the events at Gen Con and PAX. 

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A Touch of Class

D&D Next: A Touch of Class

Class, subclass, build, kit, theme... just what goes into defining a character's class? What do we gain, and how best can we reflect commonalities and differences between the different varieties of classes in the game? What should D&D Next do? What is behind Legend & Lore's article on subclasses?

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