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Henchmen in the Campaign Part III

I would have written this sooner, but I have been playing HoN on Facebook...

The party had little to no problem with the Nalfeshnee, which is a level 23 controller. I am pretty well convinced that if I pick a monster with a low enough AC (or theoretically if one picked a monster with low enough defenses for the parties "to hit" attributes) the party can handle a threat level eight levels above their own. The qualifier, of course, is that one needs to examine the monsters stats and avoid choosing one with high defenses against the party's "to hit" attributes...

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Henchmen in the Campaign, Part II

Well the party did it. Threw 2 encounters at them tonight, both a solid eight threat levels above the party. They took them both down, yes it was a fight, but it wasn't as close to a TPK as I would have expected.

For clarity sake, I am running the Henchman. I know, there is serious objection over this sort of thing, so let me clarify as to why I think it is okay in this instance.

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Encounters Ending

I am discouraged. I showed up tonight to run a session of Encounters and had a a zero turnout. First time that's ever happened to me.

It left me wondering why is there such a backlash against 4e? I know I have been critical of 4e at times. But, the spirit was that of improvement; or at least that's how it was intended.

The crowd at the shop I run encounters at is pretty much anti-4e. But to be fair, the shop has had difficulties running Encounters in the past. Most of the earlier campaigns didn't even make it this far.

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Henchmen in the Campaign

I love it when problems lead to new insights. Recently, I've had problems with numbers in the home campaign. Seems due to circumstances it has been two PCs for a little while now. This has proved challenging in some ways, but has also provided me with some insights as well. The upside has been that two PCs is a fair amount easier to manage than five, and this means combat has been way easier. Unfortunately, the loss is the interaction that occurs between multiple PCs in a campaign.

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I recently had to drop out of a friends campaign. I just couldn't hack it.

Now, without tearing my friend completely apart I will relate my story.

Several things struck me as wrong or at least difficult with his DMing style.

1) A lack of understanding of the rules saying that the DMG and PHB are supposed to be "just guides"

True. But there are limits. Not bothering to learn the rules properly is no excuse if you are going to try your hand at DMing. The fact of the matter is he hasn't properly read the rules, and it shows.

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AD&D Manual of the Planes

I just finished reading the Manual of the Planes for ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. I don't really know what to say, quite a fair bit of information to absorb all at once! I just figured I would write something as I have been swamped down by reading and running multiple campaigns. Encounters is going well, so that is good.

The early cosmology of D&D is an interesting one. It is the one I grew up with, and I while I thoroughly enjoy the cosmology of 4e it is the 1st ed I concern myself with here.

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The Problem with Experienced Gamers

I played a session of 3.0 with some people the other day who were very well versed in that edition and something dawned on me.

After awhile, as a DM it gets hard to surprise the party or catch them off guard. Wrecan sparked this with a comment to the last blog post. Chests aren't terribly exciting. True! However, it gives the rogue a job to do...

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Traps and Old-School Parcelling

I just read The Jesters blog on Traps, once again good read. It got me to thinking, there are some things that I've wanted to write about for some time now. One of those things is the parcel system of 4e, and the problems I see with it. Not that the parcelling system is bad, but I rather prefer the AD&D method of "treasure placement".

Treasure back in the day, was often parcelled out in terms of art items, gems, and things that were worth the equavalent of x amount of gp. ( I know the DMG for 4e has similar entries for "art objects" I know, I know.)

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Failure to Launch

Well, Neverwinter Game Day was canceled at my local Premier shop.

No biggie! Not angry, just disappointed. The thing that gets me though in this, is that the Campaign Setting failed to ship yesterday and today and is still MIA.

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Psionics in the Astral

I was thinking last night, boy that was nice!

Seriously, though I thought about time and the durations of the effects in the Astral and then I got to thinking. If the body's metabolism is slowed down then psionics must surely be affected in the Astral. To my disappointment, nothing is mentioned in the ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Manual of the Planes.

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