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I’m a DnD geek… what more is there? I started playing probably in ’79 (WOW!!!) but really didn’t get into it until the mid ‘80’s. I love sports; I am working on my Black Belt in To-Shin-Do; and I own 3 beagles...

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What a world, what a world...

So I'm still back and forth on the world I want to use. I have been using my variant Warhammer world (The nations and themes with the D&D dragon gods and a mix of the two set of gods, thrown in....)

I had thought to go with changing it to Forgotten Realms but the world is just too disjointed for me.

I had thought Eberron but I still feel something is missing.

I had thought Iomandra, but there are issues... mostly with my lack on knowledge. 

I think now I am sticking with WH or as my players have dubbed it, Dickhammer.... more late. 



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