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I’m a DnD geek… what more is there? I started playing probably in ’79 (WOW!!!) but really didn’t get into it until the mid ‘80’s. I love sports; I am working on my Black Belt in To-Shin-Do; and I own 3 beagles...

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What a world, what a world...

So I'm still back and forth on the world I want to use. I have been using my variant Warhammer world (The nations and themes with the D&D dragon gods and a mix of the two set of gods, thrown in....)

I had thought to go with changing it to Forgotten Realms but the world is just too disjointed for me.

I had thought Eberron but I still feel something is missing.

I had thought Iomandra, but there are issues... mostly with my lack on knowledge. 

I think now I am sticking with WH or as my players have dubbed it, Dickhammer.... more late. 



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Good Bye Star Wars Saga...Helo Star Frontiers(?)

Well, we now know that SW Saga is going away. Sorry to hear really. But in this economy it might be the best play for WotC... at least for the time....




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