D&D Next (aka 5th Edition) Release!

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It's about time!


Forgive the tardiness of the topic, but as it's been about a month since I last wrote in my blog regarding my hobby(ies) I'm sure my audience will understand. It's been far, far too long since I've read any (good) news regarding the release of my favorite tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons.


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Monsters as PCs

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I only played a few games of 2e D&D but my favorite thing I did was play a minotaur. My GM wasn't thrilled about it since according to the rules, minotaurs were always evil. I promised I wouldn't be a dick and he was cool with that. Mind you, the character didn't last long, but I still had fun with him nonetheless. My girlfriend has a particular fetish for lizardfolk characters. She frequently talks about her blind lizardfolk monk that, according to her tales, rocked the house. 


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Some possible takes on healing options.

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Traditional Abstract HPs

Hit points are a mix of physical toughness, health, will, luck, divine favor, magical protection and so forth.  Hp damage can be just about anything, from a bleeding wound to exhaustion to, to psychic assault - any attack or environmental factor that can bring you closer to death or unconsciousness can be hp damage.  By the same token, anything that can help with any of those factors that make up hit points can heal.  

Don't worry about it, just track hp loss and restoration.



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