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Who let the cat out of the bag???

Hasbro Legacy

Before I talk some more about *our* game, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the Magic The Gathering board game that is due out in the Fall of 2015.  Having shown you what the prototype of the game reminded me about ("Heroscape"), I think this could be a very SMART move by Wizards of the Coast to create a NEW "Heroscape" expansion...  Or should I say *expansions*...   Heroscape was published by Hasbro many moons ago.  So it might make sense for WotC to say: "Let's create our game around Heroscape."


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Richard Garfield's early days

Hello to all. I just wanted to share with Magic enthusiasts that I found an interview I taped in Phila. during the early stages of Magic the Gathering @ 1993. While some of the footage is a bit 'fuzzy,' (I was new at videography at the time), the interviews with Richard Garfield, Peter Adkinson, and one of the GAMMA organizers at the Philadelphia conference offer some wonderful insights in the history of Magic. While I attempted to create a short version of the event, I think the interview footage is the most interesting. Let me know if anybody has interest. Happy gaming to all.

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Magic by itself

Wargame and tactics

Unlike the games we already presented which were more *abstract* and something similar to chess, there are another *couple* categories of games that should not be overlooked.  Specifically there are two (2) of them:


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The competitors

Other Visionaries

Unlike most *ideas*, the amount of table-top games in the market are numerous.  While it is TRUE that our game still is unique in its concept, there are still other games that are *similar* or trying to address the same audience of gamers.  Some of these games literally call themselves the "prequel to chess", we are not trying to imitate any games be it abstract or more tangible table-top games.


So let's take a look at these some of these competitors...!

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Finding my tactic niche

Part 1

December 15 2014


I just thought I would log my adventures through the multiverse. Just another new guy rambling to himself!

So recently I came out of social dormancy, and started getting in contact with my friends after a year and a half. I should probably explain myself, and why I was a hermit for a year and a half...

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That Wasn't Fun

Actually, playing Magic with human beings is fun, even when I loose all three games at a Friday Night Magic.  The bonus part is that, even though I lost all three rounds I played, since I had a bye in the last round I still "won" a match, coming in tenth out of fourteen, and got four more planeswalker points.


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The inspiration


The game I believe has led to the inpiration of our new, 1 year old game, is a game called "Survive".  Here is a sample picture of a Survive game in progress.  This is also a picture of the original game since there have been newer editions of the game.


Survive - the Board Game


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Garruk's Revenge Completed

I've just completed the Garruk's Revenge expansion set, having started it a week ago or so.  Not incredibly challenging, I was hoping for a little longer time before I earned all the cards, etc.  But if you divide the cost by the number of hours I played, it's not a bad deal.


Now it's time for the next step.  Do I play multi-player games in Magic 2015, or do I start playing beginner games in MTGO?  (There's also Hearthstone from Blizzard for me to look at, too.)


Here's the issue.


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Early CCG experience

Star Trek - The Next Generation

The very first CCG that I started collecting was "Star Trek - The Next Generation" White borde Customizable Card Game.  It was introduced in 1994 by Decipher.  I was *lucky* in getting not one Jean-Luc Picard rare card - but two (2) of them!  I bought one of those plastic card sleeves for one of the cards, not the flexible type, the hard type (like plastic coasters)...  We spent our little earned dollars from things like mowing the lawn or delivering papers, and would visit the local comic store (which at that time was pretty close to home).

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The dream

High School Dream

I am here to present a game that was a childhood dream.  That's right a DREAM!  It's not like the idea came to me from a dream, it came to me at a time in my youth when I was actively participating in playing card & board games.  At that time I was still in High School and the game concept was just a juvenile idea.


I have to say that at that time I only had an *idea* about what it was that I wanted as a game.  That was back in 1990, three (3) years BEFORE the first release of Magic: the Gathering card game.


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