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Improved? Deck

My second Friday Night Magic was November 14th, again at Galaxy Games.  At this event, I used my "improved" deck, which consisted of the following:


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And the noob sits down!

Ok, this should be interesting. 


Never done a blog before, so will be an interesting journey.


I just started playing MTG around 11/10/14. Went to my first Friday night games on 11/21/14. Had a blast. It was held at Little Shop of Games here in Oklahoma City, Ok. Great place. 


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First FNM (>.<) Advice anyone?

Hey guys, well this is my first time blogging so Im not exactly sure of how this is supposed to work. Perhaps like a journal I assume. Moving on to the topic though. With the help of a friend to give me a little push, I've made a Mardu deck using mostly KTK commons and uncommons and a hint of the M15 core set. I dont really have a plan or strategy but it's a warrior deck that hopefully wont let me down for my first FNM.

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Disclaimer: I'm not enterily sure exactly how much of what I'm suggesting has already been suggested or considered, and to be honest I'm a little lazy to do the research into it as it is, but one day this idea popped into my head and I have since then built onto it.


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Hey guys my name is Chekhov and I would like you guys to rate my deck :D


Planeswalkers: (2)


Liliana Vess (1)

Ajani Goldmane (1)


Creatures: (29)


Death Cultist (1)

Onyx Mage (1)

Doomwake Giant (2)

Kingpin's Pet (2)

Daggerdome Imp (1)

Basilica Guards (1)

Dark Revenant (4)

DeathCult Rogue (4)

Nav Sqaud Commandos (2)

Perilous Shadow (2)

Knight of Infamy (1)

Basilica Screecher (1)

Typhoid Rats (1)

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the new guy

Hello I am new to blogging but not new to magic. My favorite format is commander so almost every blog will be about commander, commander products, card reviews, legendary creatures, ect. If you love commander like I do please follow me and always feel free to leave feedback because magic is first and foremost a socially interactive game.

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Non-color specific deck

I was just wondering if it is possible to use lands w/o a color specific nature to create a deck of all color cards.  A card like encroaching wastes just taps for one mana.  Does this allow the user to pick which color is being added or is it simply another mana and the color requirements are not met?  That would be my assumption but I cannot find any writings on the subject.  Thanks for your thoughts.






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- Nov 2014 -
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impossible to win

I have a question for anybody who can answer . I was playing with my friend and I was playing a maze end deck and he was playing a rainbow deck with door to nothingness and he had a white,blue,black,red land and I had 8 gates and 1 maze end with two forests with enchants on both of them.I also have possibilty storm,safety sphere,curse of exhaustion, and two oblivion rings. He also had two creatures exiled (oblivion ring) and a 1/1 creature. I had 15 life and he had 6 life.I came with a conclusion that I won.the reasons I had won.

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Skirmish, a new casual MTG format.

      When I began plaing Magic, I gradualy sided with more casual formats and enviroments.  Commander became one of my favorite format, but no one I knew wanted to make a 100 card singalton deck with thier mono colored legendary creatures.  So I set to work on makeing a simpler format that could be made with less cards, but still was losts of fun.  My experimentation resulted in Skirmish, a new format.  A Skirmish deck is made of 3 fifteen same colored spells.  Each fifteen card "deck" has a life total of  ten.

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