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[Metin2 Yang]Play Age of Wushu

Play Age of Wushu
 I just want to make something from my point of view. Showing how easy it is to level and understand Wushu. Sometimes you just need to point in

the right direction. I also show you how I level my Meridians faster.   It's just the first tier ones, but at low levels this is quite a big boost, which makes questing and pvp

easier for an entry level gamer. My main advice outside of this video guide is doing everything and anything. Almost every action in the game gives you experience.       Quest

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[Metin2 Yang]Grand Theft Auto 5

 bisher nur auf iOS-Ger?ten zur Verfügung stand, wurde nun durch Rockstar Games offiziell best?tigt, dass ab sofort auch Nutzer eines mobilen Endger?ts mit Android-Betriebssystem auf die Applikation zurückgreifen dürfen.

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Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier Event Issue

Today’s Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier has been canceled due to issues with the event advancing properly. We will be giving full reimbursement of 30 Event Tickets to all 730 players who participated in the event.
The event has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled today. All information about a make-up event and additional prizes will be announced at the latest with Tuesday’s blog announcement.
The situations of this weekend are clearly unacceptable. We apologize and will have more information upcoming this week.

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Collection Organizers

Hello All. This is the the first blog post I've done for the community but just wanted to give back to the community.
So, I've been looking for a way to help organize my Magic card collection of about 25,000 cards and found a lot of nothing. So I've created a printable set of inserts for everyone in my situation. I'm sure that I'm not the ONLY one who is tired of writing on the row of cards and using extra sleeves as separators.

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Magic Online Event Issues - Resolution

Hi all,
Earlier today Magic Online experienced issues with its current and future events.
Future Events at the time of the issue have had their event name altered to "Do Not Join". Users who were already in the "Do Not Join" event have received a full reimbursement of their entry.
All Future Events have been rescheduled and will need to be rejoined. We have also moved the start time of the Pro Tour Qualifier back 10 minutes to 7:10 AM PST to allow impacted users an additional few minutes for users to sign up again.

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Magic Online Championship Event Issues

The Magic Online Championship Season 11 Finals event was compromised earlier today. We have cancelled the event.
I wanted to give you all of the details of what will now be happening moving forward.
All participants who had 15 or more match points at the conclusion of Round 7 will be invited to a make-up invite only event to be held on Saturday November 16 at 11:00 AM PST. We will be announcing the full structure of this event in this week's Tuesday blog announcements.

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[Metin2 Yang]Mainboard und Arbeitsspeicher

Mainboard und Arbeitsspeicher
 Im Hauptrechner sind 32 GByte DDR3-RAM mit einer Taktfrequenz von sehr hohen 2800 MHz verbaut, üblich sind im Desktop Bereich 1333 MHz bis 1600 MHz. Die hohe Taktfrequenz

gepaart mit einer niedrigen Latenzzeit ergibt schlussendlich eine Speicherbandbreite von über 30 GByte pro Sekunde. Ein schicker Effekt, der im freien Handel (noch) nicht erh?

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Wolfhunter's Quiver with Deathtouch [OP]

Ok, so I started playing a friendly game of Magic with a buddy of mine. He specializes in Golgari mentality. He has 2 cards that are illegal in standard play which is besides the point. Walking Desecration and Krosan Vorine for those who would've liked to know.

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