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Magic Club 10/1/13

Today, aside from using a Gruul deck, I playtested a Rakdos red & black based deck with unleash. I hadn't made TOO many changes to the original intro pack deck, but the changes I made really helped it. The opponent played with a Sliver based deck (Their bonuses stack, and a wall of them is really annoying.), and a control deck (black, red, and blue). I beat the control deck a couple times, but the third time it IT beat ME just when I thought I had HIM beat. My Gruul based red & green aggro deck couldn't take the Slivers, so I couldn't win against those guys.

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My Magic Club Activity

Every Tuesday after school I stay to play at our Magic Club. The players aren't total jerks or anything, and the teacher who sponsors/runs/plays it is a great guy. In later posts i'll probably refer to him as Mr. S. Basically, i'll post around one or twice a week on here, describing things that went on that Tuesday, including good card combinations, and things of that nature.

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Magic Online Troubleshooting

We are currently troubleshooting a couple issues encountered this morning and apologize for the inconvenience. Entries from this morning will be refunded, so players do not need to submit a reimbursement request.

We will update you again at 12:00 PM PDT noon.

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9/24 standard event

Tuesday, We are hosting Standard MTG at Legacy Gaming Company.  The event begins at 6:00pm and there is a $5 entry fee.  (As a reminder Theros cards are not allowed until this weekend)

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