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- Jun 2010 -
197 Posts

Born of the Gods in Midland Michigan

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know it's been awhile since I wrote and this is a last minute reminder, but the newest set for Magic: the Gathering is having its prerelease at Collector's Corner Inc this weekend with SIX events! We are kicking it all off with our Star City Games/FNM Standard Constructed event at 7:00pm followed by our Midnight Sealed Deck event. Saturday afternoon we are spotlighting our beginner players with our Intro Deck Sealed Event for only $10!!!!! Space is very limited for this event.

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Opinion on a possible mistake.

This is just my opinion but I think that the Planeswalker Ashiok could have been created wrong, but I think that Ashiok should have been a red/black Planeswalker instead of a Blue/Black Planeswalker for these reasons as follows.


1. The name to me implies turning enemies into ash by either choking them with said ash jar, or burning them to ash followed up by recreating them into horrors from said ash. 

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Magic Online Announcements January 28, 2014

Extended downtime Jan 29, Phantom Football Sunday! Flashback Draft of the Week: Mirrodin/Darksteel/Fifth Dawn, Wide Beta Survey.

Updated 1/29/2014: Additional prizes for Phantom Football are premium foil cards (non-promo).

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No Creatures?

Hey to who ever is reading this I have a question.

These none creature decks are they

-good to play

-whats the difficulty level like hard easy

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Hey guys, looking for someone to play MTG on skype or some type of webcam network! No one plays in my area so I thought this could work. I'm a few months into the game, would love someone to also help me on strategy and stuff. Thank you! 

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Is it legal and would it work to cipher onto say, a creeping tar pit or tree top village? I need feedback on this one!!

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- Oct 2007 -
1003 Posts

Wide Beta Hotfix

UPDATE 1/29/2014: The triggered abilities issue fix is being deployed with today's downtime. We are still investigating when we will have a fix ready for other card and ability selection issues. Please note that right clicking and selecting from the context menu works correctly. 


Thanks for your patience. 



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