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Casual Player's Weapons

This is my first attempt with this, but I'm going to see what happens. I think the interesting thing about Magic is just how underrated so many cards turn out to be. This is a benefit for casual players like me because we can look at the cards that the competitive players aren't, get those for a cheaper price range, and make some interseting combos with them. For me, my favorite combo is Akroan Hoplite combined with Mardu Ascendancy. Building the soldier's power each turn is crazy and cost effective. Once again, this is my first time doing this.

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New to The Scene

So I bought a event deck and some packs of cards and tweaked it a lil. played in a turny 2 fridays ago and maneged to win one round against a rushy red deck with tokens. the new combos and abilities have me learning and falling in love with magic all over again! gunna play another turny this friday just to keep getting my bearings but i have a long way to go b4 i can enjoy a big turny with  a cash payout. for now though i need to learn alot! got registered and now slowing racking planswalker points.

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zuberi, golden fether

I like zuberi but he is old.

I think the griffins should be made better.

They chould change some legendaris like they cange planes walkers like zuberi, Ranbow Fether.

All other griffins get protection from the coler of your choice.

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New to Magic

I am new to Magic The Gathering and looking to meet new people to play with. I'm from California orange county. I would also get some advice and tips on mtg.

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Great way to play MTG

Hi folks. Im John. Found a really neat program called lackeyccg. its an offline/online program where you can play tons of ccgs. Such as Magic The Gathering. Looking for someone to hopefully plaay online with. If interested, send me a hit if you have yahoo messenger at Thanxs and have fun.

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Intro to Banananbla

My name is banananbla and I speclize in !This is the first blog I have ever written so please excuse any misspelling I didn't find. I started this game One year ago. My intreste in it soon grew so I am now writing this blog.My favorite type of deck is decks. My best creature is Scuttling Doom Engine.

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Seu turno começa sempre com a fase inicial, dividida em três etapas. Primeiro, durante sua etapa de desvirar, você desvirará (colocará na vertical) quaisquer cards virados que você tiver. Geralmente, nada acontece na etapa seguinte, a etapa de manutenção, mas alguns cards têm habilidades que acontecem aqui. Finalmente, no início de sua etapa de compra, você comprará um card de seu grimório (seu deck). Você também pode conjurar mágicas instantâneas ou ativar habilidades durante suas etapas de manutenção e compra.

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