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FNM Report: Hatchling Dominates Glorietta

Frustrated how our local FNM is dominated by aggro decks and being tired of playing mirror matches, I decided to head to Neutral Grounds Glorietta this week for FNM.


Little did I know that it will be my best FNM performance to date.


The Venue:


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Not a Typical Player?

I’m not sure what the typical Magic player looks like but I have some ideas: Introverted, glasses, limited social life outside Magic, teenage male with pimples, and living at home. At the very least I know most people who don’t play magic see it this way (I include myself in that camp).


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Magic Online MOCS & PTQ Make-ups, and Player of the Year Events

Information on MOCS Player of the Year events, MOCS and PTQ make-up events, and invitation lists.

Magic Online Championship Series Player of the Year Events

  • Saturday, December 14, 2013, at 11:00 AM PST (19:00 UTC)
    Format: Standard Constructed

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[Metin2 Yang]Dragon Bash is here and the response is mixed.

 I however like it no it doesn't blow me away but I do like it. And I'll do what I need to do for those wings feel me? You can only do 8 out of the 14 achievements this week. So

no wings for us this week as you need 10 for the meta. Below is what you can actually do right now. For exact locations you can check the vid.   *Zhaitasty   This achievement is

one of the easiest. 250 pieces of candy needs to be consumed. Do not buy the pieces I know it's tempting. But while taking on So Lifelike you get dragon coffers. These coffers

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[Metin2 Yang]Gold Farming Summer 2013

 I wanted to get this information out to you guys while it's valid. Because it may not be here forever or even be valid after this month. I touch on farming in the Queens's

Pavilion and out in Queensdale. All of this is very lucrative for you to do. That goes a long way towards achievements and money goals. Not to mention makes the journey to

legendary items just that more easy.  First up the Queens Pavilion method is easy. Follow the pack have plenty of bag space. And constantly put up items on the Black Lion

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[Metin2 Yang]Play Age of Wushu

Play Age of Wushu
 I just want to make something from my point of view. Showing how easy it is to level and understand Wushu. Sometimes you just need to point in

the right direction. I also show you how I level my Meridians faster.   It's just the first tier ones, but at low levels this is quite a big boost, which makes questing and pvp

easier for an entry level gamer. My main advice outside of this video guide is doing everything and anything. Almost every action in the game gives you experience.       Quest

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[Metin2 Yang]Grand Theft Auto 5

 bisher nur auf iOS-Ger?ten zur Verfügung stand, wurde nun durch Rockstar Games offiziell best?tigt, dass ab sofort auch Nutzer eines mobilen Endger?ts mit Android-Betriebssystem auf die Applikation zurückgreifen dürfen.

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Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier Event Issue

Today’s Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier has been canceled due to issues with the event advancing properly. We will be giving full reimbursement of 30 Event Tickets to all 730 players who participated in the event.
The event has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled today. All information about a make-up event and additional prizes will be announced at the latest with Tuesday’s blog announcement.
The situations of this weekend are clearly unacceptable. We apologize and will have more information upcoming this week.

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