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Simic evolve help

Hey guys,

i've decided to build a simic deck ever since Gatecrash came out. I built one and it's doing pretty good but it is having some situations, i'll just show you guys the deck list first:


Lands (22)

4 breeding pool

4 simic guildgate

7 island

7 forest


instants and sorceries (9)

4 bioshift

3 simic charm

2 biomass mutation


creatures (29)

4 cloudfin raptor

4 experiment one

3 gyre sage

3 zameck guildmage

3 elusive krasis

2 2

My all white deck

I might need some help with deckbuilding.

Anyways here is my current white deck and all help is appreciated.


Land - Plains (20)


Artifacts (5)

  • Darksteel Ingot
  • Elixir of Immortality
  • Staff of the Sun Magus (2)
  • Traveler's Amulet

​Magic (15)

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- Oct 2013 -
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My Story

So...Umm well I have always been quite shy and never bothered to open up. So I got into Magic The Gathering and made a load of friends ! So I have decided to make a Blog for this and a Facebook page to show you what I do and how we play. I would feel great if you guys would support me and if any of you want me to I will start Vlogging it and show you in a video. A little bit of info about me? Urm I'm 13 and have blonde hair I don't really have much else to say apart from my hazel eyes.So um yeah here is a link to the Facebook page if you could drop a like that would be much appriciated.

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Hexproof vs. Shroud

It seems that with the onset of the newest stage of design, as Mark Rosewater calls it, there are a number of things that change about what magic design is trying to accomplish.  This stage, stage five I believe is what we’re in, it’s all about the overarching theme and using the mechanics, not as the foundation for the block, but using them to get across that overarching theme.  

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- Mar 2009 -
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A day full of Magic

I decided not to play Magic, but it seems that it does not work much. Anyway I don't plan going to any major event or Legacy any time soon but this today I had to attend a Najada League Top 8 draft.

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If I have a creature with heartseeker attached and play the ability to destroy an apponents Royal Assasin, does the hearseeker effect still occur if the royal uses its abilty on the creature with heartseeker in response to my move?

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