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Need help with my vampire deck!!!

Hey guys I'm building a B/R life link vampire them deck. I'm having a hard time building it because there so many good cards that I want but don't know if I should put them in or not. Money isn't an issue I will spend a good amount on money on this deck if needed to. Now this deck is for casual playing so anything goes. Please criticize it and give suggestions. Thank you!



3x Child of Night

3x Vampire Nighthawk

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Need helping making my elf deck KICK A!

I'm alittle newer to MTG, but me and my friend made an elf deck. I want to keep them theme of elves, I need some help though on what cards would complement the ones I have in my deck.


- Nissa Revane--- x1

- Eladamri, Lord of Leaves---- x1

- Pendelhaven Elder---x1

- Elvish Archdruid--- x4

- Elvish Visionary--- x2

- Elvish Mystic--- x4

- Llanowar Elves--- x2

- Cylian Elf---- x1

- Wirewood Pride--- x1

- Gladecover Scout--- x2

- Gempalm Strider--- x2

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Sydisi, Brood Tyrant

So my big plan for Commander is the Sydisi , Brood tyrant. I love the BUG scheme and i love mill. Is there anyone out there that can give me some tips on how to make this upcoming deck that would be greatly appritiated. 


Im looking for a limit of 20 to 40 bucks on limit but a little over i may be able to work with. if anyone has any tips for me ill keep an open mind.

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The planeswalking experience

Well this is my first blog, I will bolg about my decks and experiences at the tournaments at my hometown hobby shop "Vozzas hobbies and comics"

The last tournament I entered was modern. I was running a golgari deck, was standard but when I heard it was modern I...well modernized it

The first game I played was against a guy playing a b/w soul sister deck His strategy was to wither my life to nothing with sanguine bond and gaining life like no other.

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Standard Mardu Aggro

Hello Magic community. This is my first article on Magic The Gathering, and I am excited to start blogging about new standard builds, general tips for playing, tournament reviews, the meta, and much much more. You can even give me a decklist, and I will give you advice on how to improve it. So let's jump right into the article. Today I am going to tell you about a Khans of Tarkir post-rotation deck I have been working on. This deck was inspired by a Khans of Tarkir spoiled card call Mardu Ascendency.

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Black, Green, and a pinch of Blue

I decided to finally build a deck that involved Garruk, Apex Predator. I've been wanting to do this ever since M15 came out in June. The only problem was, he was very expensive and I like to be inexpensive as much as I can. With that being said, I cave in and decided to buy two copies of him in the mind to actually use him effectively.

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