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Standard/Updated Spawn of Hell Deck

This is an B/W warriors list I wrote after Fate Reforged was released. I tried to incorperate some aspects of my Spawn of Hell Deck such as including the Crippling Blights, etc. I haven't had a chance to play test this deck substantially but I'll update this list once I do. Message me if you have any comments on the decklist!


Creatures x32

4 Mardu Shadowspear

4 Mardu Woe-Reaper

4 Tormented Hero

4 Bloodsoaked Champion

3 Spiteful Returned

4 Chief of the Edge

4 Mogis Marauder

0 0

Spawn of Hell Deck (Old Standard)

Hey everyone! This is a deck I built when RTR, M14, and Theros where in standard and I've never had a chane to post it till now. I want to try to make it Modern so if you have any ways to make it better don't hesitate to tell me!


Creatures x34

4 Tormented Hero

4 Boros Elite

4 Soldier of the Pantheon

4 Gnarled Scarhide

4 Rackdos Cackler

2 Loyal Pegasus

4 Rackdos Shred-Freak

4 Spike Jester

4 Mogis Marauder


Non-Creature Spells x6

0 0

Jeskai Aggro

I played a Jeskai Aggro deck at last weeks P-PTQ in Delft, The Netherlands.


U can read all about it here:


What do you guys think of the list, and what should I change for the next tourney to improve the matchup against R/W aggro?

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Mono Black Vampire Aggro

So, I would like to show you my Vampire deck and ask for any tips/comments on it..


It's a Mono Black Aggro deck with only Vampires in it. Little milling for a Plan B.



4x Vampire Nocturnus

4x Bloodghast

4x Gatekeeper of Malakir

4x Pulse Tracker

4x Vampire Nighthawk

3x Vampire Hexmage

2x Kalastria Highborn

1x Bloodline Keeper



4x Dark Ritual

3x Urge to Feed



0 1

Burning Anger

                                                          What is your guyses view on the card burning anger? I personaly love                                                           it.

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This is my standard FNM deck.....if anyone has any thoughts about how to make it better please feel free to tell me!

4x Flamewake Pheonix

2x Goblin Rabblemaster

4x Lightning Strike

4x Mardu Strike Leader

4x Archfiend of Depravity

3x Daghater the Adamant

4x Citidel Siege

4x Utter End

4xCrackling Doom

4x Mardu Ascendancy

4x Temple of Malice

4x Bloodstained Mire

4x Battlefield Forge

3x Windswept Heath

3x Plains

3x Mountain

2x Swamp


0 0


This is my deck I put together got FNM...please look at it and give me your feedback..thank you!

4x raise the alarm

4x crackling doom

3x harsh sustenance

4x sign in blood

3x Alesha,Who smiles at death

3x flamewake Phoenix 

4x Jeskai barricade 

2x goblin rabblemaster

3x sandsteppe outcast

4x Orc sureshot

3x Mardu strike leader


3x windswept heath

 4x bloodstained mire 

4x battlefield forge

4x temple of malice

4x plains

2x swamp

0 0