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Early CCG experience

Star Trek - The Next Generation

The very first CCG that I started collecting was "Star Trek - The Next Generation" White borde Customizable Card Game.  It was introduced in 1994 by Decipher.  I was *lucky* in getting not one Jean-Luc Picard rare card - but two (2) of them!  I bought one of those plastic card sleeves for one of the cards, not the flexible type, the hard type (like plastic coasters)...  We spent our little earned dollars from things like mowing the lawn or delivering papers, and would visit the local comic store (which at that time was pretty close to home).

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The dream

High School Dream

I am here to present a game that was a childhood dream.  That's right a DREAM!  It's not like the idea came to me from a dream, it came to me at a time in my youth when I was actively participating in playing card & board games.  At that time I was still in High School and the game concept was just a juvenile idea.


I have to say that at that time I only had an *idea* about what it was that I wanted as a game.  That was back in 1990, three (3) years BEFORE the first release of Magic: the Gathering card game.


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Good Bye Miami

Today I got some good news as well as bad news.


The good news is that my daughter has been cast in Oklahoma City University's Spring 2014 Spotlight Opera, "The Coronation of Poppea."  She's only a freshman, so this is very cool.


The bad news is that the opera is being performed March 6-8, the same weekend as the Miami Grand Prix.  Family is more important than Magic, so it's an easy decision to skip the Grand Prix (even though it's the only one in Florida this year) and go to Oklahoma City.


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Magic 2015 Main Game Completed

The title pretty much says it all.  Yesterday I finished exploring all the lands in Magic 2015, then played a few more rounds to earn all the cards you can earn from single player mode in the main game.  I think I'll stick with single player mode for a little longer, and go through the expansion game.


There is one opponent that is laughably easy to beat with any deck in the Zandikar plane.  That's the traps opponent.  If you haven't figured out how to beat him (easily), just send me a private message.


At any rate, on to the expansion pack.

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A busy week

This is pretty much the end of the semester at UCF.  I'm enrolled part time in a Ph.D. program, so I had two papers due this week: one on Thursday and one on Friday.  I wrote both papers, turned them in on time, and celebrated by returning to Galaxy Games for another Friday Night Magic.  I wasn't able to adjust the deck, so I used the same deck as last time. This time my results were different.  Four rounds of swiss.  One round win and one round draw.  That's lots better than five rounds lost.


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Depression is Magic.

You might have been mislead by this title, which is something I maybe intended to do. I don't know if some people complain about the game because  I didn't take a lot of time to read about opinions on the mechanics, etc. The thing is I'm still actually pretty new to the concept of Magic, I've been playing for around a month now.

But what exactly do I mean by Depression is Magic?

Short  story time. For those who wouldn't want to read what could be a paragraph, I'll put a TL;DR thing later, you can catch the whole idea.

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It Snowed :3 first FNM~results

It was fantastic! Friday, November 28,2014


Although I've got to study real soon for upcoming tests, last night was simply unforgettable! 

Before going to FNM, a couple of my friends decided to go stop by EB games and of course, bought something.Meanwhile, one of their mother's who was driving us picked up 5 boxes of pizza!


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