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Draterion's Blog

Saturday, March 21st:


I opened up the Inspiration Struck Born of the Gods intro deck, but had a few questions about the rules. after I few days, I had figured out most of them and had edited the deck abit, taking out things like deepwater hypnotist and adding kraken of the . straits, a much more powerful card. When I got back home from vacation. I checked my home for Magic Cards from my father. Lucky me, I was able to find a few. And here I am, looking at the rules over and over again, looking to game with someone. and editing my deck over and over again.

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prerelease event

Going to the prerelease event this Saturday its a sealed standard event first place gets 18 packs so here's hoping I do pretty good third gets 8 so I'm gonna due my best with what I'm given. Well played is a great place though they give the best offers when selling cards, and they will call if your looking for a certain card and it comes in. It's always good to have a great friendly place to play with good people who aren't elitist douches. 

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red green goblin deck

I built my wife (yes my real wife) a red green goblin deck for casual play it also has a Domri Rade  and a lot of giant growth she does really well with it but most of the time she has a hard time getting to her creatures and sorcery goblin summon cards.n

I need to look for something that helps her dig through her library 

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My idea for the new blue/white control deck

4x end hostilities

3x dragonlord ojutai

4x ojutai exemplars

3x citadel siege

4x anticipate

3x jilaira master polymorphist

4x raise the alarm

4x dissipate

4x divination

3x narset transcendent 

3x ojutias command

4x flooded strand

9x islands

8x plains



4x ?

4x negate

4x pillar of light

3x valorous stance


let me know what you think!

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Standard/Updated Spawn of Hell Deck

This is an B/W warriors list I wrote after Fate Reforged was released. I tried to incorperate some aspects of my Spawn of Hell Deck such as including the Crippling Blights, etc. I haven't had a chance to play test this deck substantially but I'll update this list once I do. Message me if you have any comments on the decklist!


Creatures x32

4 Mardu Shadowspear

4 Mardu Woe-Reaper

4 Tormented Hero

4 Bloodsoaked Champion

3 Spiteful Returned

4 Chief of the Edge

4 Mogis Marauder

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Spawn of Hell Deck (Old Standard)

Hey everyone! This is a deck I built when RTR, M14, and Theros where in standard and I've never had a chane to post it till now. I want to try to make it Modern so if you have any ways to make it better don't hesitate to tell me!


Creatures x34

4 Tormented Hero

4 Boros Elite

4 Soldier of the Pantheon

4 Gnarled Scarhide

4 Rackdos Cackler

2 Loyal Pegasus

4 Rackdos Shred-Freak

4 Spike Jester

4 Mogis Marauder


Non-Creature Spells x6

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