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I need to know of the statistics of how many people that play Magic the gathering in total.

It would be great if the statistics was in total of schools and the total of everyone playing it or not playing it.

I hope you find it for me fast if possible, its for a school project.. Thank you for reading this blog.

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First FNM

I went to my first FNM last night, and it was great! Reading the "horror stories" from other female players, I almost didn't go. But I'm very happy that I did. I met a few guys and a girl, all were older except a little boy. They didn't look down on me for my age, experience, or gender. It was fun and I learned a lot! I got boosters and someone even gave me a few cards he didn't need that he thought would help me. If you're another girl planeswalker having second thoughts, or if you had a bad esperience, I highly recommend going to a new shop for FNM until you find a place you like.

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Deck Building

I'm needing some advice and tips on how to build a deck. I don't have the best collection of cards in the world. I mainly have older cards, I have few newer cards from the past 3 sets. I need some ideas on colors and styles and maybe some specific cards needed for such things. Advice and criticism is very helpful as long as it stays positive. Thank you.

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If I were a planeswalker...This is how my story would be told.

My name is Dave and here is a summarized account of my planeswalker story.


Everything started one day for me when I ran into Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon where I proceeded to spend over a year learning more about him, the way him and others of his kind have lived. I still find it interesting how those who are like him who have power aren't all self-centered and corrupted like Sheoldred. Yes, I met her as well and it was a valuable experience for me to learn from.

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Let's Talk About Nix

Nix? Nix. Not Journey Into. Not the New York. Just Nix. Nix’s versatility and potential (at only 1 CMC) makes it, in my opinion, one of the most sideboardable cards in the realm of Magic. With that in mind, I figured I'd talk it up a bit...




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FNM 1st place blue/white control

3x Ojuai Exemplars

3x  Myth Realized

4x Ojutai's Command

4x Anticipate

3x  Narset Transcendant

4x Stratus Dancer

4x End Hostilities

3x Dissipate

3x Raise the Alarm

2x Negate

2x Dragonlord Ojutai

3x Revoke Existance

4x Flooded Strand

9x Plains

9x Island



4x Encase in Ice

2x Dragon Hunter

1x Negate

4x Turn to Frog

4x Fate Forgotten


please respond with what you think!

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Mythic Rare Feral Shadow?

Here's a photo of the card.


I need your help,


I came across this card the other day in one of my buddies binders.  The card is from the portal block and is depicted as a Mythic Rare.  I've been looking at different forums but can't seem to find anything other then it being a common.  Is this a misprint or did they actually produce Mythic Rare's of this card?



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