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New play format

SilvielPT's picture

After some time of playing EDH me and my play group found out that we really love the idea behind the format, however with the time we starting to see many of the issues, being one of then the older cards so powerful, that makes games very unfun to play, so are able to make to much complicated combos that one player would lose like 8 mins or more to complete, doing it, only to the end to tell us we died on 3 rd round whitout doing nothing!

The other problem we found was that 100 cards decks was hard to put well together, and very  hard to shuffle!


my least favorite card.

banananbla's picture

Hello its bananbla again im writing a blog about my least favorite card used against me is caustic tar. its an enchant land that does 2 damage whenever its taped. i have a counter card but  i dont always have it when its cast.and they always  use it at the end of the game. 


Infinite Planeswalker Combo

stopfelnolm's picture

Okay So a combo I discovered recently seems at the very least in need of some looking into. If you combo Mycosynth Lattice with March of the Machines every permanent is an X/X artifact. If we have the planeswalker of our choice in play as well as Experiment Kraj we can put counters on the Artifact/Creature/Planeswalker. Kraj now gains their abilities and seeing as it is not a planeswalker the activation rules do not apply to it and the Kraj can activate the abilities infinitely in a turn to win you the game. I am a terrible deckbuilder so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Casual Player's Weapons

HolyKnight517's picture

This is my first attempt with this, but I'm going to see what happens. I think the interesting thing about Magic is just how underrated so many cards turn out to be. This is a benefit for casual players like me because we can look at the cards that the competitive players aren't, get those for a cheaper price range, and make some interseting combos with them. For me, my favorite combo is Akroan Hoplite combined with Mardu Ascendancy. Building the soldier's power each turn is crazy and cost effective. Once again, this is my first time doing this.

Boros, Rakdos, Mardu

New to The Scene

SneakySquid's picture

So I bought a event deck and some packs of cards and tweaked it a lil. played in a turny 2 fridays ago and maneged to win one round against a rushy red deck with tokens. the new combos and abilities have me learning and falling in love with magic all over again! gunna play another turny this friday just to keep getting my bearings but i have a long way to go b4 i can enjoy a big turny with  a cash payout. for now though i need to learn alot! got registered and now slowing racking planswalker points.

What is a beautiful picture to a blind man?

Uchiha EDH

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Join this group if you'd like to discuss your commander decks or ask for help on construction.

zuberi, golden fether

lucario22's picture

I like zuberi but he is old.

I think the griffins should be made better.

They chould change some legendaris like they cange planes walkers like zuberi, Ranbow Fether.

All other griffins get protection from the coler of your choice.

New to Magic

Cowboy86x's picture

I am new to Magic The Gathering and looking to meet new people to play with. I'm from California orange county. I would also get some advice and tips on mtg.

Great way to play MTG

johntjamesonjr's picture

Hi folks. Im John. Found a really neat program called lackeyccg. its an offline/online program where you can play tons of ccgs. Such as Magic The Gathering. Looking for someone to hopefully plaay online with. If interested, send me a hit if you have yahoo messenger at Thanxs and have fun.


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