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Knightfall's OtherWorlds

Okay, after reading the Terms and Conditions that WotC lays out for the web site, there is no way I can post Kulan material here. It just wouldn't work. I have to censor so much stuff that comes from 3PP d20 material that it wouldn't be worthwhile.


So, the group is now called OtherWorlds. I do have other homebrewed worlds that I can share here that I can sy are mine. The group won't get a used as it would have as a Kulan group, but better safe than sorry.





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- Dec 2013 -
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Plot Building Sparks More Questions

So I had my setting: a pseudo-Bronze Age culture, set in a fantasy replica of ancient Babylon. I used some geographic legerdemain to craft a world map (http://kassithe.wikia.com/wiki/File:Kassithe_Continental_Map.jpg). I plopped some cultures in place: humans here, halfings there. A land based on ancient Egypt. Some smatterings of ancient Greece and ancient Persia. A place for elves, dwarves, and orcs, and more beasties of various types.


Now for the plot.


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The Dragon's Roost

The party set down to some well-earned relaxation, but they did not forget the green dragon that had laired in the ruined village  of Thunder-tree and killed one of their number not so long ago.  Much of their time was given over to preparing for a coming confrontation with the beast, using some of the money gathered from the mine clearance expedition to hire on some stour soldier-boys from a mercenary company called the Ashdale Rangers.  There was a dragon's hoard to be claimed, and that drew sellswords like a bugbear draws adventurer corpses.


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