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Tower Shield Homebrew

The following is a bit of homebrew that I worked out with the help of the community. I'm thinking about including a small adendum about allowing you to protect yourself against things like Hail of Arrows/Hail of Thorns and whatnot, but those are weird things to account for and the mass combat rules aren't fully fleshed out yet. I hope they update the Heroes of Battle book.


Tower Shield.

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Liberation of Castle Nevitaar

The bullywug Captain Wuggins was doing a fantastic job at leading his people to victory over the lizard-folk, summoning a spike growth to keep them pinned down - something the frog-people could just leap over!


Then the captain was shot several times in the chest by arrows from Olwen's bow, the spikes disappearing with his death.  The bullywugs started to run around in panic until Caelynn's web spell turned the tables on them, bogging them down where the lizard-folk could calmly tear them apart.


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Game Design Idea: D&D: Crawl

If you’re not familiar with the local multiplayer game Crawl, I suggest you go and inform yourself. While far from perfect, Crawl showcases some real ingenuity in terms of its twist on the traditional dungeon-crawler formula.

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Let Me Tell You About My Character...

Since our regular D&D game is down to about one session per month or so, a friend decided to start up a Pathfinder campaign. I rarely get the opportunity to sit in a player’s chair these days, so I immediately scoured my notes for a character concept, and turned up this bit of solid gold.

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The Mournlands and LOB campaign

Hi guys,


I never really wrote a blog before, so thought i would give it ago.


I am about to start a new campaign set in eberron, for my players, at the moment we have 3 and im looking for a fourth, we play over skype.


I have plans which involve the characters deafeating the lord of blades, (who is planning on putting into action a plot to remove the infestation he calls humans from eberron) and then they will solve the issue with the mournlands, which again is as a result from an action committed by the lord of blades.


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- Dec 2013 -
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"The Enemy Bard Casts 'Friends'"

So here it was, Day 1 of my campaign. I had built the framework. I wrote several low-level adventures, and modified a few published ones. I spent several months learning the official D&D 5E system (including running playtest content). I watched tons of YouTube and Twitch videos, just to get a feel for differing DM styles. I recruited four players. I was ready!


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Taking the Swamp Castle

The party, with their escort of lizard-folk, made it through the swamp to the castle unharmed and unhindered, finding a fortress surrounded by the primitive dwellings of bullywugs.  Snapjaw's words were persuasive enough to get them through the main gate, and once inside they started mingling.


Snapjaw himself went off to talk with his colleagues in the castle, warning the heroes to keep clear of the bullywugs for now - they were led by the fearsome Captain Wuggins, who would be the chief obstacle to any overthrow.  


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- Jan 2015 -
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Non-Traditional Uses for Dungeons and Dragons

So a bit of honesty... I'm an opera singer by trade at the beginning of my professional career.  This past week, my hobby (D&D) had a lovely little intersection with my singing career.


My director for my current show explained the context and setting for our new production of "The Magic Flute".  It is not a traditional setting for the show.  In the parlance of my business, we are doing a "concept" production which is not typical.  


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