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Back to the Motherland.

I have been into a lt of games.

I'm kind of a game snob, I have to admit. I'm working on that one day at a time.

Every game I have ever been into is naturally the best game ever.

When I played a lot of these other games, I was a bit out of joint because it wasn't D&D.

So instead of going back to my old books, I spent hundreds of dollors on new books for new games, one after another.

And swore all up and down that D&D would no longer do. It had gone out of fashion for me.

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Day 244-245

Day 244: Trif and Ellumin agree to head towards the Farmstead in Coldward to gather information and equipment before heading to the Southern Gate or to the north to find the Eyebright flower. Stopping for the night a few miles from the Direwood Forest they set up camp close to the river, their tent obscured by branches.


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Day 242-243

Day 242: As Ellumin and Trif had finally found the missing children they discover their captor has returned, staring at them from the opposite tower and moving to what they believe is a way around to them. They rush to make preparations to keep the kids safe, building up a barricade between the 3 children that are still alive and the one that is seemingly dead. Barely finishing it before the dead child, Kapp, comes alive and tries to go for Laura. Ellumin is forced to take it on as Trif prepares an attacks.

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Help Fund Gaming at WorldCon & Future Spokane Area Events

The 73rd Annual WorldCon Science Fiction convention (aka Sasquan) has a separate gaming portion. The organizer John Welker has a fundraiser to help make the gaming experience at WorldCon the best possible. Please hurry and donate so he can cover the costs of special guests and events!

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Breaking the D&D Stigma

It's funny, I never ever imagined myself trying Dungeons & Dragons.  


Sure, I've always considered myself pretty geeky.  I love Firefly, Buffy, Doctor Who, RPG's, anime, stuff like that.  Never been to a convention but really want to.  But D&D seemed way too out there for me, even though I had no clue what it entailed.


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I am getting tired of being told one thing and finding there are other ways. The situation is this, I was told that we played D&D 3.5e and not Pathfinder 3.5e. I was also informed we could not mix the two because there are two different corebooks. Now, as DM I started to research information for Psions in 3.5e books. Well, anyone can agree there is a lot of that. I tried to inform them, politely, there is a way I could help them if they wanted with these books until they leveled up and they said no. So, I left it at that thanks to advice on here.

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Homebrew Cleave Feat

Here's an idea I had after looking at the Great Weapon Mastery feat in greater detail.


Line Breaker

Prerequisite: Great Weapon Mastery.
The adrenaline rush of battle grants you the strength to rip through enemy lines. Whenever you take the attack action and reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a melee weapon attack, you can make an additional melee weapon attack against another creature as part of the same action. This process can be repeated indefinitely, as long as you continue reducing targets to 0 hit points and don't move.

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- Jan 2015 -
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The best I can be

As a good "new" D&D player, I went out and picked up all three of the core rulebooks-- Player's Handbook, DM Guide and Monster Manual.  What I did not realize was that, because of my regular Encounters Night, I was going to spend a great deal of time being a player.  After a little over a half year of D&D playing, I realize that, as a kid, I never really learned how to play D&D and now I'm starting to understand that, while I may have played a great deal of D&D as a middle schooler and then read books, 5th edition feels like my very first time playing a tabletop RPG.

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