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New Spells I Absolutely Love

Last week, I discussed spells that I am glad changed. Today I would like to discuss some of my favorite spells that are new. While it is true that the majority of the spells are either the same as previous editions or very recognizable, some spells never appeared in 3rd edition or earlier (they may have appeared in 4th; again I am not terribly familiar with that edition). So in no particular order, several spells that are are new that I enjoy.


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- Dec 2011 -
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112. Rhenny's Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle 5e Campaign - Session 14

~~Session 14: Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Campaign (WARNING: Mega Spoilers!!!)


Cast of Characters (5th Level)


Eyeta – Female Human Fighter
Kat – Female Human Wizard   (DM PC for this session)
Vale – Male High Elven Rogue  (DM PC for this session)
Erebus – Male Human War Cleric
Ivan – Human Monk of Elements


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- May 2012 -
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Let the FUN Happen

Rarely do I have the opportunity to play a character, 99.99% of my gaming time is spent as a GM, but I do manage to play a couple of times a year when I go to conventions. I always have fun when I go but you never really know about what kind of game you're going to get when playing with a GM you've never met. Last time I went I was fortunate enough to play in one great game, but I also played in a horrible one.

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Thank God These Spells Changed

As my warlock, Sir Tim von Daggerdale, gains levels, I am learning more of the subtle differences that have changed in the spells from 3.5/Pathfinder to 5th edition. While many work the same (or close enough to the same), some have more substantial changes. Some spells that I have had a beef with for a long time have finally been changed and I am glad of it. Here are a few spells that I am glad got an overhaul. 


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Contender Number Four

So, three of my fifth edition characters have died so far - Herethesh bledgeoned by bugbears, Basiliqua devoured by dragonbreath and Chaucer gobbled up by a living stalagmite.  The fourth will hopefully debut this week and live a long and happy life.


The survivors of the mission to investigate the Cult of the Dragon will soon be meeting with two helpful organisations - the followers of that troublesome know-nothing Leosin, and the paladins expecting their weapon shipment.  Plenty of room for new, bold adventurers to join the party!


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- Dec 2013 -
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Cheating the Party Introductions

My last post was on pet peeves. I missed a biggie: the party introduction. 


When the D&D Next playtesting was going on, my MMO buddies and I decided to run a few adventures on Roll20 and give it all a try.


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The party wasn't seperated for long, re-uniting with Hugo on their way back to Brangwen, picking up the cultist they had subdued on their way out as well.  The rescued villagers all survived the trip back, so there is that!


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