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The Dragon Goes Down

The slaughter of the cultists and kobolds had taken a lot out of the party, and they needed to recover before taking on a dragon.  Knowing that the twenty-four hour geace period given them by Blagothkus would expire while they rested, they implored the two stone giants to intervene on their behalf, to stall the Lord of the Castle.


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Archetype of the Malefactor - Fighter

Archetype of the Malefactor

As an archetypal Malefactor, you have spent years learning the cues of chance, skewing true randomness to punish your foes and benefitting from their misfortune. Those that follow this path dip into a pool of arcane knowledge that is decidedly malevolent.


When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn to augment your martial prowess with the ability to manipulate chance, using special dice called Misfortune Dice.


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Thoughts of a New DM

Not only am I new to being a DM(DM meaning Dungeon master for all you noobs. . . wait. . . that's me. ha ha), I'm new to playing d&d all together. Perhaps this is a bad idea? I'm working on a homebrew, and not the kind from a coffee maker. I enjoy writing and creating so I decided to take a stab at it.

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8' Poster of 10+ Years RPG Research at WorldCon

If you're coming to WorldCon 73 / Sasquan - 8 foot poster summarizing 10+ years of work for the RPG Research Project now at printers - http://rpgresearch.com/blog/8-foot-rpg-research-worldcon-poster-at-printers This includes research on tabletop, live-action, and computer-based RPG for a diverse range of populations. If at WorldCon, please come by and say hi! And please donate to building the wheelchair friendly RPG Research Trailer today!

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Not the Dragon Just Yet

Having so carefully and quietly sneaked aboard the flying castle and captured the local head of the Cult of the Dragon, the party had the simple matter of interrogating their prisoners before heading off to kill the dragon itself.


Rezmir was rolled up securely in her carpet, and while the others were dealing with the red wizard, Liberty took the time to thoroughly loot her bedroom.  The talking magic sword he left where it lay, the locked chest he immediately claimed, and the bound and gagged man in the closet he left there for a while.


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Creating Characters (5E) Step-by-Step

I remember belonging to a fantasy book forum as a kid, and for a lot of us members, it became a second home.  In fact, many members became couples or got married.  Or are still in touch to this day.


My favorite part about the forum was role-playing, both for the sake of silliness (I vaguely remember crazy mushrooms and floating, or playing with fire) and for a legitimate creative outlet (creating characters and worlds and intricate stories.


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