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Extended Outage 10/27-10/28

Beginning Monday October 27th at 7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time through October 28th, and several Wizards sites will be offline for a scheduled upgrade of the account system (login).  

Other affected sites include Planeswalker Points, legacy D&D (D&D Insider), the Store & Event Locator, WER, the Judge Center, and Customer Service Online Help. Magic Online is not impacted by this downtime. 


We expect all services to be restored in 24 hrs or less.

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Star Wars´ Legends RPG

  Cada novela, aventura y cómic lanzado desde el comienzo de Star Wars hasta este ultimo año, viene comprimido en la nueva franquicia de STAR WARS LEGENDS; para el juego de Rol, STAR WARS EDGE of THE EMPIRE, existe material actualizado a las peliculas por la compañia de juegos Fantasy Flight Games. Ahora esto solo cubre el nuevo ¨canon,¨ que va siendo las peliculas hechas -Episodios 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 y 6-; ademas de la serie CloneWars transmitida en Cartoon Network por 5 temporadas y terminada en Netflix en una 6ta entrega. Oh!

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The Art of Selling a Spectrum Game

Let's face it, graphics were not the selling point of a ZX Spectrum game. It wasn't often someone would pick up a cassette box and shout out "WOW, look at the graphics on this game!!" - Spectrum gamers knew what kind of graphics they were probably going to get even before flipping to the back of the box.


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a chance.

Many people must play the game but royal novelty could become movies. I like proper english and hope for high hopes can't wait for. Yet what to expect the Swannee, or malfunction junction, point being, where are we going. MOM where's your Indonesian purse .

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Remember your manner.

This is a non profit skyring for intelligence group. I saw fortunes of dragons and was impressed with them. I do have an extra old set of cat man dew swords. The purposes of life project is in the distance of a light time and sand, some one will gaine and the aged will lose. The B.O.T. loves sweet melodious of mother earth. Favor will come for a short distance but lutanic moon will always surrender the elements of superficial love and the community will give philosophical back to captivity. Like russel and luke and big people who run their mouth.

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Board of directors interested in domains. This day I read of the gathering,and looks like an old friend won't let go..

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- May 2011 -
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3/26 Modern format Magic the Gathering at Legacy Gaming Company

Tonight we are hosting a Modern format Magic the Gathering tournament.  The event begins at 6:00PM and there is a $5 entry fee. Store credit prizes are awarded to top players. Check out for upcoming event details. - 

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