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The Groups of Emira

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The Zanfalcon Dissent

The Zanfalcon Dissent is an army that consists predominantly of humans but it's ranks also include creatures from the other civilised races, and enslaved mystical creatures.
They are an alliance of villages/tribes that have had enough of the monster attacks of recent times, but before this they were a rampaging horde who took over other villages/tribes by force.
The Zanfalcon Dissent is predominantly Neutral. Once a tribe/Village proves they are a force to deal with they will respect their power and leave them alone.
The Zanfalcon Dissent formed to combat the growing monster hordes and protect their lands. But this is a forced protection for tribes/villages that make up the Zanfalcon Dissent. The army of the Dissent is made up of people from the original Zanfalcon Barbarian tribe who where great in numbers (they were one of the biggest tribes in the area).
Normally raiding parties of a few hundred at max are sent out to deal with threats and conquer villages/towns. It is very rare to see an army consisting of numbers greater then this.
One such occurence of this is when they were seen marching an army through the fields just south of [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] which consisted of several thousand creatures ranging from humans and goblins, to tigers and felldrakes and also a black dragon.This army also consisted of several large caravans being pulled along by lizards the size of horses
The Zanfalcon Dissent is ruled by a Barbarian known as [[dnd:Norkas Iceblood|Norkas Iceblood]].

Known Members

  • Gorbash the Freak: A general in the Zanfalcon Dissent. Currently leading the army marching near Arborshate.
  • Garth Boltree: Helped form the Zanfalcon Dissent with Norkas Iceblood. A very powerful Wizard.