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Wrath of the Void-Episodic Flashbacks

For more information on the Wrath of the Void campaign consult the main wiki page Wrath of the Void

Current Players

  • Derrick Hensley (Rel the Human Monk)
  • Cody Maples (Razul the Deva Paladin)

Session Guide

Session 1-Sand
Rel and Razul find themselves escorting the princess to a neighboring kingdom, but they stop at a small town for the noon meal and there the journey becomes impossible. The princess came in contact with a Void crystal and her personality changes, she began by pushing the two warriors away despite being lifelong friends with them both. A mysterious voice reaches through the crystal and commands that they come to his castle to deliever the princess. Rel and Razul refuse, to which the voice responds by turning the princess to sand then later stealing her body from the two. They make their way to the castle but are stopped in the town square by zombies and other undead creatures...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrath of the Void's two campaign stories intertwine and two through both the two main day campaigns and the Episodic Sessions in which Razul's past life is explored.