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by wrecan, Mar 24,2013
"Franklin Gothic Medium" font size"2">This is a timeline of the events described in the comic.

250,000 Years Before Comic (give or take a few millennia)

Years Before the Comic

A few years before the comic, Jordon believes, Charly sees a banshee and his hair turns white.

Months Before the Comic

Days Before the Comic

Sometime before the comic, the trolls' hit list game ended with a shoot-out at the Stump, enraging Barny.

Hours Before the Comic

Four hours before the comic, a troop of dwarves pass by Butch and Wesly on their way to Wormy's cave.

The Comics

Note there may be multiple days in between each of the Comic Days.

Comic Day One

Wormy steals a pot; Irving grills burgers; Gremorly causes trouble in Wormy's lair; Frank and Dudly demonize ogres and play hit-list; and Jedd arrives in the Stump
Dragon Issue 9 through Dragon Issue 76 (page 1) and Dragon Issue 77 through Dragon Issue 82

Comic Day Two

Wormy and Irving confront more dwarves
Dragon Issue 76 (page 2)

Comic Day Three

Wormy receives Siege of the Iron Keep and sends Irving to recruit construction workers and gamewarriors; Catfish and Bender go fishing, visit Toad Town, and get extorted by Louie; Frank and Dudly choose not to go swimming; and the giants visit Haunted Hill
Dragon Issue 83 through Dragon Issue 106, and Dragon Issue 131 through Dragon Issue 132

Comic Day Four

Frank and Larry play hit-list and get enslaved; Snaggly and Grumble leave their bridge scam; construction begins; Wormy and Jedd work on a death-trap; Achorrath visits the ogres; and Saro and Barbadicus capture and then lose Ace.
Dragon Issue 107 through Dragon Issue 122

Comic Day Five

Construction winds down; the ogres challenge Wormy to a wargame; and Catfish steals two obyls
Dragon Issue 123 through Dragon Issue 130

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