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"Franklin Gothic Medium" font size"2">This page is created for a campaign world based on the Wormy comic created, written, drawn, and inked by the illustrious David A. Trampier and published in Dragon Magazine (sometimes called The Dragon). The comic began on September 1977 (two months before the first rulebook for First Edition was published) and ended abruptly in April 1988 (ten months before the release of Second Edition). Thus, the comic strip predates and then spans almost the entirety of First Edition.

Campaign Setting References

  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Terminology|Terminology]]

Comic References

  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Locations|Locations]]
  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Bestiary|Bestiary]]
  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Characters|Characters]]
  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Characters Appearances|Characters Appearances]]
  • [[Dnd: World of Wormy Timeline|Timeline]]
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