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by Tony_Vargas, Oct 11,2011
Witch (Warlock Build)
You practice the first, most ancient form of arcane magic, which allows you to charm, transform, and curse your enemies.
Part religion, part ritual, and all mystery, witchcraft is an ancient practice that came about in an age before arcane magic was studied, institutionalized, and etched in writing, when monstrous titans ruled over creation and the secret of making fire was yet undiscovered. In this chaotic dark age, the gods had little influence on the titans' world. Instead of seeking their aid, the primitive peoples called out to the night for protection and power, and a voice from the darkness answered. Those who accepted its arcane gifts became the first witches, and they wielded such power as only immortals had known -- seen by some jealous gods as an affront that they have never forgiven. The powers witches called upon were gods, primordials, their servants and allies on either side of the Dawn War, and yet stranger powers. After the Dawn War, those witches who had called upon the gods perhaps became the founders of religions, their traditions ultimately giving rise to the Divine powers wielded by priests and zealots today. Those who called upon the defeated primordials, gods who didn't survive the war, and other powers, however, became figures of superstition and dread.
Witches, like other Warlocks, gain their power from a patron - a primorial, vestige of a deity, or other powerful entity beyond mortal ken - witches tend to see their powers as a 'gift' rather than a 'pact,' concieving of their relationship with their patron more like that of a priestess with a deity than a bargain-hunter with a merchant. The circumstances by which you obtained your gift can vary widely. Some witches seek out the gift in order to fulfill a personal desire or vendetta, while others were brought up in a coven. You can choose any Pact, but the Infernal and Vestige Pacts along with the new Primeval pact are the most apropriate.
Though witches are common among the fey races in the Feywild, as a witch in the natural world you must be mindful of whom you trust. In the world, common folk fear your kind. Envious wizards refuse to acknowledge you as a peer and would see your wondrous powers vanish from the world, while clerics of jealous gods decree you an unholy menace, sending witch hunters to track you down and destroy you.
Witches, in addition to their other powers, sometimes have a strange relationship with the aging process, either aging visibly when they use their greatest powers until they apear to be ancient crones, but never actully facing disability or death from old age, or staying young-appearing and beautiful throughout their lives, but living out only a mortal span.
The Witch Build: Choose CON as your higest score, then INT. Choose two of the Ancient Knowledge features in place of Prime Shot and Shadow Walk. Take the Primeval Pact, or another CON-based Pact, like Infernal or Vestige.

New Warlock Features:
Ancient Knowledge: (Replaces Prime Shot and Shadow Walk) Choose two of the following three features:
  • Book of Shadows You gain the Ritual Caster feat and a ritual book with Brew Potion and one other 1st-level ritual of your choice. You gain an additional ritual at levels 6,12,18,24 and 30. In addition, you can record your utility spells in your Book of Shadows, like a wizard with a spellbook. When you choose a Warlock utility power, choose a second warlock utility power of the same or lower level. Both are recorded in your book, and, after an extended rest, you can choose one or the other to have available that day.
  • Witch's Familiar You gain the Arcane Familiar feat. In addition, your Familiar can teach you additional arcane spells. After an extended rest, you can choose to replace one of your warlock Daily attack powers with a different warlock daily attack power of the same or lower level. The new spell is available until your next extended rest (just as if you had re-trained the power), at which time it reverts to your previously known spell.
  • Evil Eye You have a special affinity for the primitive arcane magic of sympathy & contagion. When you have an item that was in possession of an enemy, or a piece of an enemy (even a drop of blood, scale, hair etc), you can curse that enemy as if it were the one closest to you, and gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against that enemy when targeting it with an arcane spell. Similarly, if you make an effigy of an enemy you have seen (standard action, in combat, or durring a short rest out of combat), you can curse that enemy as if it were were the closest one to you, and your curse damage inflicted on that enemy is increased by one die type (from d6 to d8 or d8 to d10).

Primeval Pact
Through arduous trials and ancient rituals, the Primeval Warlock (Witch) forges a pact with the most ancient of powers. Whether these powers are primal forces of the natural world, Gods or Primordials, themselves, or yet more ancient powers that preceded even the legendary creators of the world, none can say.
Pact Boon: When a creature under your Warlock's curse dies, an object (traditionally a wax candle or ball of clay) of your choice in your possession takes on it's apearance, becoming an Effigy. You can use this Effigy to immediately (free action) curse any one of the dead creature's allies that you can see. If you have the Evil Eye feature, the Effigy becomes an effigy of the newly cursed creature, as if you had spent a standard action to shape it.
Twisted Strand (Primeval Pact warlock attack 1)
Twisting the tapestry of fate, you bring a sudden, painful misfortune upon your enemy.
At-Will * Arcane, Charm, Implement
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature who can see you.
Attack: Con vs Will
Hit: 1d6 + CON psychic damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to his next d20 roll before the end of his next turn. If he fails that roll you can inflict 1d6 + CON untyped damage on him as a free action.
Special: At level 11, the damage inflicted if the penalyzed roll is failed increases to 2d6 + CON.
Special: At level 21, the psychic damage done on a hit increases to 2d6+CON.

New Warlock Powers:


New Warlolck Pragon Paths:

  • Witch of the Black Coven
  • Wicca of the Sacred Circle
  • Wyck of the White Light

New Epic Destinies:

  • Sacred Maiden
  • Sanguine Mother
  • Primodrial Crone

New Feats:
Secret Knowledge
Preq: Warlock, Ancient Knowledge class feature
Benefit: You gain an additonal Ancient Knowledge class feature.

Initiate into the Circle (Multi-Class Warlock)
Preq: Con 13, Cha 13
Benefit: You count as a Warlock for purposes of fulfilling prerequisites. You can choose to gain either the Book of Shadows or the Witch's Familiar 'Ancient Knowledge' class feature.

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